Friday, March 22, 2013

Essence: Oh My Glitter! & Crack Me! White

Howdy howdy howdy. :p Aw man... Just remembered we're having fish tonight. My mom's getting labwork done Monday so it's three nights of fish. I like fish... just that we learned last time that Long John Silvers doesn't work quite as well.... LOL *ahem* So anyway, I've got two pretty pretty essences like I said I was gonna. Starting with two coats of Oh My Glitter!.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to capture the pink shimmer, but you should be able to see it in there. It doesn't hide. ;) This one is a bit sheer and probably could have used a third coat, but crackle is forthcoming so I decided it wasn't totally necessary.

So pretty. Nice pastel spring color for you, still available on the current essence displays. These ones are a little under $2 (instead of $1 like the old bottles), but you do get a bit more polish so it's okay.

I decided for the white I wanted more thin cracks (as opposed to fewer thick cracks) so I went with one thin coat of Crack Me! White.

I did add topcoat because I like my crackle to look like a part of the polish (as opposed to apart from the polish hehe), so I guess I should let you know that Crack Me! White dries matte.

The name does intrigue me. Odd place for an exclamation point. Does this mean there are other colors? Apparently there is a black and a pink glitter one that looked to have the same density problem as We Need To Talk... Knowing that, I would still probably get it if I saw it. LOL I wouldn't be able to help myself. I'm not going to drive myself crazy searching, though. Since I took the picture, here's the name:

So... Color Club doesn't want me in their network. Oh I could email to get more information about their requirements and re-apply in three months, but I like my blog. Take me as I am or don't. I'm fine with it. Sure rejection hurts, but I'll get over it. My dad's coming in today and I have plenty of pretty pretty preciouses to choose from. The question now, I suppose, is which precious will have the illustrious task of making Lizzy smile in spite of rejection... hehehehe No holos because it's going to be overcast until Monday. Hrm.... OMG I don't know! LOL I guess I'll pick something when we get back. I do have a few possibles. Everyone have a safe and tremendously awesome weekend! I'll be here. ;)


  1. you could do your new chromes that you picked up form HEB? they don't NEED sunlight...

    1. Get out of my head I was thinking that! lol And I think I know which one. ;)

  2. Did you know you can get the crackle to crack differently depending on how you apply it? I saw it on my mind was blown when I found out lol

    1. I started experimenting after seeing the Pure Ice DJ Spinner crackles. OMG They had a whole giant posterboard with ideas. lol Usually I just wear it normal like this because I'm lazy and I forget.... :p I'll check out what she's got, though. Always looking for new ideas. :)


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