Sunday, March 17, 2013

China Glaze: Tree Hugger +Smiley

I think I wore myself out early. What was I thinking just popping out of bed and rushing to do dishes? For shaaaaame. :p Happy St Patrick's Day, everybody! Todays nails aren't super holiday-relevant, but they are green! Starting with two coats of Tree Hugger.

The color wasn't quite what I expected, but the formula was amazing. Two thin coats and dried super quick. Check out the shimmer:

Subtle, but not invisible. Overall this color kind of reminds me of granny smith apples. Since (despite my mounting stash of chemicals) I'm a dirty tree-hugging hippy at heart, having a polish called Tree Hugger makes me smile. Sooooo.....

....hrm. Looks a bit awkward, doesn't it? I added some topcoat out of curiosity and that didn't help. Hrm. *shrugs* Maybe I'm just not used to 3D art. It looks so neat on other people! Also, I used to pierce my nails (yeah, that was a thing back in the day) and that was awesome looking. *shrugs* Whatever it is I better get over it cuz I'm going 3D again tomorrow. :p

There you go. Short little post for the *ahem* actual holiday. Tomorrow I'll have my Paddys-day-for-ma's-bday mani. I'll probably revisit these smilies at some point. Hope everyone has a happy and safe St Patrick's Day!!


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