Wednesday, March 6, 2013

China Glaze: Brownstone & Sally Hansen: Bronze Coral & Blue Blizzard

*YAWNS* I'm sleepy. lol Hi everybody! I haz a new follower and she shares my name! Everybody say "Hi, Liz!". *waits* Okay, that's enough. ;) We have a lot to cover today! For those of you who are new, Wednesdays here have been more or less "officially" dubbed WTF Wednesday. It's the day where I push myself to swatch polishes in my collection that I really don't wanna. Or have put off for too long. Or, ya know, whatever I decide constitutes a WTF post. LOL Today's WTF is Sally Hansen. My mom was obsessed with the Chromes, I was gifted quite a few. I have 30 SHs, only three of them bought myself and two of those were in a double pack at Dollar Tree. I try not to because of their shady "do they? don't they?" animal testing status and... it's not hard not to. I'm not saying their a bad brand, just that the colors don't usually strike me as "have to have". Their nail strips are wicked awesome, but wicked expensive. So, yeah, not hard. So WTF took me so long to get them all linked? I don't know... LOL I really should have just done it sooner because now that I'm almost there I'm feeling a lot better getting them out of the way.

I am starting off with two coats of China Glaze Brownstone. I don't know wtf made me grab this one other than it was on sale and I thought "Hey, I like brown". :p

It is a lovely brown, dried quickly, the formula was buttery smooth. Still, knowing the only reason I bought it was so I wouldn't walk out of Ulta empty-handed kinda makes me WTF myself.

I chose this as a base because these Prism polishes, in my experience, are so sheer. Bronze Coral was no exception; as I'll demonstrate at the end. First up here's three pics to show you that this one actually did have some multi-color effects! Not quite a "rainbow in every bottle" multi-color, but more than I've seen so far.

Not too shabby. Kinda old ladyish, but not overly so. I can see where they got the name, at least. It was showing some nice pink in the bathroom, but of course it's one of those low-light colors that my camera abhors.

So how sheer is it? Here's two coats overlapping A Sin Worth Committing:

You can still clearly see Dazzle Me underneath. Clear indicator of future VNL.

Oh... sorry. I usually try to forewarn when feets are a'coming, but I forgot. Sorry! My final Sally Hansen is a WTF all it's own. This was another polish gifted to me in Tammy's big ol' bag o' polish and the previous owner scratched the name off the top! Who does that?! After some research I'm 99% sure that this is Blue Blizzard. Two coats and still a bit sheer, but dried quick enough that I didn't totally smudge it all over my blankets.

No, I have no idea how I cut my toe. :p Would have just used the other one for the pic but apparently I spazzed and got polish all over the place.

*phew* Glad that's over with. If you happened to catch yesterday's comments then you know that my Zoyas arrived yesterday!!

Sharon, Manhattan Mixer, Ziv and Cheryl. Yay! Huh? Am I going to apologize for what I said about my neighbors?! Hell no. They may not be polish stealers, but they're still the worst people I've ever had to live next to and I hope they get evicted. I know when we moved in we had to sign a lease stating "no violent/aggressive dogs"; surely they had to as well. Back to yesterday's comments! Liz is excited to see Little Bo Pink and so am I so that's what we're seeing tomorrow! :D Looks a *tad* sheer, so perhaps I'll have another pink to layer it over.

So, you remember my post on Cocoa Smore? Seriously? That was, like, three days ago... hehehe Anyway, that was one of the ones that Lacey picked up and she managed to avoid the awkward glitter-line, as you can see here. Great swatch. Just won't work for me. Teeny pet peeve, but I have to have my polish reach my cuticle otherwise it looks like acrylics that have been left on too long without maintenance. I just can't do it! Some people like that gap because it looks "neater", but with the rampant acrylic addiction around here it just looks tacky to me. No hate on Lacey, she's a fabulous person and I love her swatches, I just can't wear mine like that. To each her own and all that. Just wanted to show you a slightly better swatch and got side-tracked. lol

Oh! I love University Life so far. My computer, not as much. They stuck a ton of Sims on that campus so it's pretty laggy and I had to resetsim a bunch of 'em to clear out the doorway so she could get to her mid-week lecture. I'm workin' it, though. Learning the ropes and such. It definitely has more of a "college-like" feel than University did on Sims 2. That was fun, but also kind of a joke. This new one is better. I'm 43% towards my next SwagBucks cashout! *happySephoradance* I think I'm going to post up now, see if I have any unlinked pinks and let MiniFranken cool off for some hardcore Simming. ;) Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. Buying something you don't really want just so you don't walk out empty handed 'cause you drove all that way...I know that feel lol. Do you have the sally hansen prism amber ruby? the swatches I've seen of it are gorgeous. I hear the prisms pop the most when layered over black.

    1. I have Fire Opal, Bronze Coral and Mandarin Garnet. There was a purple one I saw swatched that look really pretty. I'll keep my eyes open for Amber Ruby. They're not as easy to find anymore, but somehow they do manage to pop up! lol

    2. Where have you seen them pop up?? I thought they were super hard to find and hella $$$

    3. A friend of mine was cleaning out eviction houses and stumbled across a couple of them, one still had the clearance price tag on it. They're out there, maybe a bunch will show up at Big Lots or Dollar Tree some day... ;) That would be awesome!!!

  2. I think I got brownstone on a sale. Have to check it out :)


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