Thursday, March 28, 2013

Butter London: Knackered

*gasp* 50 followers? I'm speechless! :D Hi, Rose! Rose has started her own blog, Idyllic Enamel, so head on over and show her some love. Okay, so today I'm finally getting around to swatching Butter London Knackered. I picked this up last Spring/Summer at my first Ulta $9 Butter London sale way back when everyone was all jazzed about it. Unfortunately, as I mentioned Tuesday, I also picked up a lot of purple-green duochromes around that time and this one just kept getting pushed back. For shame! LOL Though, I guess there's really not a lot that sets it apart aside from the spectacular holo (sparse though it may be) and super fast dry time. I like to try and capture the pure essence of my polishes, but I knew from a comparison post that Knackered leans sheer so... What I have for you today is Knackered over black, alone, over silver and alone again.

Ta-da! *phew* Here's another angle:

Yeah, I was a bit put out when I realized how overcast it was. On the bright (HA!) side, this allows the duochrome to stand on it's own two feet without the sparkle. Over black Knackered looks a lot like Where Is The Party which is still my favorite because it's fully opaque all on it's own!! *ahem* Sorry. :p Oh yeah, this is three coats of Knackered.

Three coats and still some VNL. *tsk~tsk* I do love the color, though, and you can't deny the sparkle.

Nice touch. ;) The drying time on this one really stands out. Even over the black and silver all three coats were fully dry in about 45 minutes. Fully dry. Amazing!

So... tomorrow's Friday. I'm going to give Viridian Vinyl a chance to stand on it's own. See if it looks any different than it did over Old School Orange. *teehee* That was a fun mani. Then on Saturday we're having a pastel Sinful water marble! Yep, I'm saying it and I'm doing it. I haven't tested the polishes yet to see if they'll behave so I could end up looking like an idjit, but that's half the fun, eh? I don't celebrate Easter so I haven't given any thought to Sunday yet. *shrugs* We'll see. I'm thinking Guinevere, perhaps.

Before I go, I have some sad Sims news. :( My family glitched. *cries* I was trying to get the 15kids/30grandkids achievement/badge and my family glitched! I was on kid #11!!! *sigh* This is the 2nd time. I think I'm going to have to suck it up and cheat my way through like everybody else. I know it's Sims and "everybody" cheats, but I don't like to. Where's the fun in cheating? We'll see... other people have had this problem (where even though aging is enabled the Sims just aren't aging) so maybe I'll get lucky and they'll patch it... even though it's apparently been an issue since Generations. *pouts* If you play Sims 3 and want to add me as a friend, you can find my profile here. :)

Oh! I do have some good news! Well, goodish. We got a dishwasher! The bad news is that my dad ordered off of (site to store, *teehee*) and I didn't think to log myself into his laptop so I could get 1500SwagBucks for the purchase!!! *facepalm* I'm so bad at remembering that. Dishwasher!! It got to Walmart really quickly, weren't expecting it until April 5th, but we got it yesterday. Stupid me, my dad's all "take the van, you'll probably need it" and I'm all "naw, it shouldn't be that big" because it's a countertop unit, right? Guess what? *facepalm* I had to sit on the damn thing and call my mom to bring the van. :p At least I had Aaron to keep me company and help me lift. lol Yesterday was busy so I'll be hooking that up today! :D

70% to my SwagBucks Sephora haul! Another week and I'll get my bonus and a big ol' jump towards that haul. So excited! I can't wait. Hope everybody's having a great week. Hang in there! Take care. See you tomorrow. :)


  1. I'm surprised that the silver washed out the duochrome effect on knackered! I think I still prefer it over black :)

    1. I do, too. It just irks me having to take that extra step. ;) lol

  2. The color reminds me of Barry M silvery lilac but the barry M one doesn't have glitters :)

    1. Oh cool! :) I'll have to check that out.


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