Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Butter London: Bossy Boots & Zoya: Manhattan Mixer

Figures, as soon as I rave about Blogger's spam filter so many are getting through. "Hey Lizzy!" What? "How did Butter London and Zoya both end up on WTF Wednesday? Blasphemy!!" Oh shush, I'm getting there. Actually, both of these colors have something in common! They were both choices made when I couldn't decide on any other color. So they're kind of "Why The Fuck" not? lol Also, Bossy Boots just sort of won out while I was looking for a greenish cream base. This is two coats, no application issues.

I love these big, bricky bottles. Bossy Boots is a gorgeous, smooth sage green color. Drying time was good. I needed a shower and only had dents on one finger.

So pretty. :) Still glad I got it on sale.

Now, I picked Manhattan Mixer (which simply says Manhattan on the bottle) for two reasons. It's kind of a funky greenish yellow with teeny little flakies and I had the hardest time finding swatches online! This is two coats over Bossy Boots.

I'll be trying this over yellow at some point, and possibly blue. Seems a bit streaky for white, but we'll see.

If you're curious about the magnitude of the color change caused by Manhattan Mixer's sheer base, here ya go!

It's obviously much greener looking. :)

Funny story. A couple of days ago Julep sent out emails saying we could change our Maven Subscription profile so I went ahead and changed to "It Girl" since that's the one with three polishes. Then (cue dramatic music) this morning I got the alert to pick my April box and *dun~dun~dunnn* I ended up choosing Boho Glam. *facepalm* Stupid "It Girl" had a yellow cream and I just didn't want to bother. Boho Glam is coming with a bright teal (with gold shimmer, meh) and a bright orange cream. The "product" in this one is a cuticle cream that's supposed to fix brittle, splitting, ridgey nails. What?! Yeah. Fewer, smoother ridges in 2-3 weeks. We will see. I will absolutely be using that product as directed. Also... I think Bossy Boots inspired me... hehehe Was checking Amazon for Butter London and they have most of them. I have Swinger and Two Finger Salute on my wishlist and ended up actually ordering Dosh. It was only $10.89 after shipping and I had a $10 gift card. I couldn't stop myself! Good news? It's already shipped! *happy dance*

There's a chance (though slim) we may get to see the kiddos tomorrow so I'm going to try out those Nail Fraud nail strips. *fingers crossed* I'll decide on a back-up in case they suck out loud like... the sticker ones I picked up at HEB and can't find the link for.... They sucked. Also, my camera sucked so I couldn't even get a decent picture of the design. Total fail, that was. These will be better! They can't be much worse....

Hey, y'all keep your fingers crossed for me. I found links on OPI and Color Club sites to apply to be an affiliate blogger! I'm not actually expecting to qualify, though it would be super cool if I did. Should I be mentioning that kind of thing? *shrugs* It's my blog and I tend to overshare. :p

That's all for today. Hope everyone's having a fantastic week. :)

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