Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pure Ice: Jaguar +Flower Water Marble +Julep April Box

Hi, everybody! Yep. I did it. I have a Twitter account. *sigh* I was kind of surprised that the username I wanted was available.... but I got it and I did it and I posted up my Pure Ice springtime flower entry and we will see. The only other entry I saw on Twitter (still don't have an instagram) looked pretty good, but it's hard to tell if she used Pure Ice colors, which I think should be mandatory for a Pure Ice contest. Does that sound catty? Sorry. But it should. :p

So I started out my water marble with two coats of Jaquar. My right hand here has three coats for swatching purposes and it's still a touch sheer from certain angles.

I had intended to compare this to Gift Of Gold because they look like the same polish with different names. If you want me to swatch them side-by-side just let me know! Otherwise I'll forget. lol

Okay, I'm going to say this here for all of you to know: This water marble was hard! The polish dried so quickly!! LOL I had to move quick, but I managed to get it done.

I took my pics with a matte topcoat so you could see the detail. I couldn't find the exact video, but I accomplished this flower design using a combination of this video and this clover one. Midway between the two.

Okay, so the colors I used are: Excuse Me, Desire You, and Naughty Girl. If you want to enter the Pure Ice spring flower contest, then take a pic of your best springtime flower mani and post it up on either Twitter or Instagram with #Pureicespring! Here's the picture I entered:

*fingers crossed* :)

I got my Julep box yesterday! It came with these inserts:

and, of course, my goodies!

Kaylen (orange), Lena (teal), some rock candy and the cuticle serum. You can see the bottle and description here; it's like a tube with a twist-part at the botttom and a brush up top. It says to use it 2x/day for two weeks then once a week after. OMG They're selling it for $28!! $22.40 with the Maven discount. Holy dang. So, I'm figuring first thing in the morning and then after clean-up would make the most sense. Let's see, today's Sunday so I'm going to leave myself a note to update y'all next Sunday on how I think it's working. :)

Since I did decide to go ahead with the Pure Ice entry I'll swatch Guinevere tomorrow. No sense leaving y'all in suspense any longer. lol Super excited! It's supposed to rain this week, but hopefully I'll get enough light for that one. Okay, it's getting late. Time to get this marble off and start dinner! Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern and Blessed Ostara! Or, happy Sunday, if you prefer. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sinful Saturday Water Marble

*stretches* Hi, guys! Long day, huh? Actually, I wouldn't know because I slept through it. :p Got a text from my dad at almost 3am saying he'd be ready to be picked up at 8am... huh? Apparently they need drivers for a big ol' Coca-Cola shipment and in order to work out the hours he had to be home this weekend instead of next; which sucks for him cuz then he'll be driving three weeks before his vacation and he only has enough heart medication for two weeks.... *sigh* Stupid Schneider. He'll be taking his pills every other day and hoping for the best. If they don't dick him around too much it should be okay....

So, anyway, I got the water marble to work! It's been a while, so for those of you who don't know: I learned everything I know about water marble from Colette. I likely won't do any tutorials because they would just feel reductive compared to hers. Just check out her youtube channel there, watch, and learn. lol Only thing I can add is that I use generic (HEB brand) bottled "Natural Spring" water since we don't have a water filter and Sinful Colors polishes tend to work really well, in my experience. So you don't need to make a huge investment to get water marble to work and since they're only $2/bottle you don't have to feel bad about 'wasting' so much polish. The technique I used for this one is similar to her Bumblebee Stripes there, except that I think my cups are smaller so I got some of the edge-waves on there, too.

There's Ms Lefty. And Ms Righty...

Ta-da! It was fairly overcast so the colors aren't as bright as they are in real life. I did this over white... uhm... Oh, I think the bubbles are from rushing a bit? Either that or because I have to hold my fingers under so long while I'm cleaning up the water's surface... Unsure. Never gotten so many before! Here's the colors I used:

These are all from the new(ish) Sugar Rush collection: Cotton Candy, Sugar Rush, Orange Cream, and Sweet Tooth. Like how the sun came out for the freakin' bottle shot? *facepalm* I did manage one quick picture before it hid again:

There. Pretty, bright, pastel.

Now... while I had my marble supplies out, I did do a little test and managed a flower design with some Pure Ice colors... I don't know that I'd do a full mani, but I could easily do four nails for their contest... I guess it wouldn't be too terrible if I never shared my Twitter name thingy with anybody, right? Just for contests... #ihatehashtags... :p *ugh* Just you watch, I'm going to sign up to enter this contest and by end of next month I'll have it installed on my phone tweeting every little thing as if anybody cared, then I'll get a stalker and Aaron will be in prison for snapping his neck.... I better win.... LOL

OMG!! I don't know what was wrong with me last night. I had a serious case of responsibleness or something. We went to Walmart to grab a Mt Dew and some breakfast so I could stay awake to pick up my dad. I was going to get some polish. Either two Pure Ice (my Walmart has the new display!) or one Hard Candy and... I just didn't end up wanting any. What?! Yeah... I mean, not all of the Pure Ices are new so I have a lot of those, and I almost grabbed Crush On Lava to compare it to Beetle and I just couldn't do it... :( Maybe I'm coming down with something... LOL

On the bright side, my Julep box should be in the mailbox in about an hour and a half. Yay! I don't even remember what colors I'm getting... I am excited for that cuticle stick thingy and you can expect some periodic reviews on how well I think it is (or isn't) working. I wish they'd throw in that pedi cream or some more drying drops one of these days. Those are both super awesome products.

I guess I'll quit rambling and get to these surveys sitting in my inbox. *fingers crossed* Then I'll see about making myself sign up for Twitter... If not I might still do the water marble to show you guys, if not then I'll likely swatch Guinevere. Unless I piss myself off by forgetting to pick up tomorrow's dinner tonight, in which case I might choose something a bit darker. ;) We'll see! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Orly: Viridian Vinyl

Hi, everybody! *huge waves* Just a quick post today since tomorrow should be long and picture heavy. lol Today I'm sporting Orly's Viridian Vinyl. It's a bit darker than I imagined it would be. Even so I do like the retro-ness in the color. This is two coats. No topcoat, obviously. lol

Yep, you can see my ridges. I think I'm okay with that. Adds a bit of texture interest? I applied this early yesterday, though, and there's already a bit of tipwear. And I did get a couple of small dings while installing my dishwasher, but they're not as noticeable in real life.

Meh. I still like it. Polish doesn't always have to be super shiny. In case you're curious I did manage to cheat my way through the 15 kids badge on Sims. Sort of. I aged up the two teens I had (who should have moved out long ago) and my "mom" got knocked up with twins and that gave it to me. Just a couple more badges to finish off (like ensorceling 200 Sims, which I'm halfway towards doing) with this family then I guess I'm starting over. Again. BAH!

Anyway, yes! Water marble tomorrow. I'm going to do the pastels over white so no linking tomorrow, but it should be really pretty. lol Happy Friday!! :D

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Butter London: Knackered

*gasp* 50 followers? I'm speechless! :D Hi, Rose! Rose has started her own blog, Idyllic Enamel, so head on over and show her some love. Okay, so today I'm finally getting around to swatching Butter London Knackered. I picked this up last Spring/Summer at my first Ulta $9 Butter London sale way back when everyone was all jazzed about it. Unfortunately, as I mentioned Tuesday, I also picked up a lot of purple-green duochromes around that time and this one just kept getting pushed back. For shame! LOL Though, I guess there's really not a lot that sets it apart aside from the spectacular holo (sparse though it may be) and super fast dry time. I like to try and capture the pure essence of my polishes, but I knew from a comparison post that Knackered leans sheer so... What I have for you today is Knackered over black, alone, over silver and alone again.

Ta-da! *phew* Here's another angle:

Yeah, I was a bit put out when I realized how overcast it was. On the bright (HA!) side, this allows the duochrome to stand on it's own two feet without the sparkle. Over black Knackered looks a lot like Where Is The Party which is still my favorite because it's fully opaque all on it's own!! *ahem* Sorry. :p Oh yeah, this is three coats of Knackered.

Three coats and still some VNL. *tsk~tsk* I do love the color, though, and you can't deny the sparkle.

Nice touch. ;) The drying time on this one really stands out. Even over the black and silver all three coats were fully dry in about 45 minutes. Fully dry. Amazing!

So... tomorrow's Friday. I'm going to give Viridian Vinyl a chance to stand on it's own. See if it looks any different than it did over Old School Orange. *teehee* That was a fun mani. Then on Saturday we're having a pastel Sinful water marble! Yep, I'm saying it and I'm doing it. I haven't tested the polishes yet to see if they'll behave so I could end up looking like an idjit, but that's half the fun, eh? I don't celebrate Easter so I haven't given any thought to Sunday yet. *shrugs* We'll see. I'm thinking Guinevere, perhaps.

Before I go, I have some sad Sims news. :( My family glitched. *cries* I was trying to get the 15kids/30grandkids achievement/badge and my family glitched! I was on kid #11!!! *sigh* This is the 2nd time. I think I'm going to have to suck it up and cheat my way through like everybody else. I know it's Sims and "everybody" cheats, but I don't like to. Where's the fun in cheating? We'll see... other people have had this problem (where even though aging is enabled the Sims just aren't aging) so maybe I'll get lucky and they'll patch it... even though it's apparently been an issue since Generations. *pouts* If you play Sims 3 and want to add me as a friend, you can find my profile here. :)

Oh! I do have some good news! Well, goodish. We got a dishwasher! The bad news is that my dad ordered off of (site to store, *teehee*) and I didn't think to log myself into his laptop so I could get 1500SwagBucks for the purchase!!! *facepalm* I'm so bad at remembering that. Dishwasher!! It got to Walmart really quickly, weren't expecting it until April 5th, but we got it yesterday. Stupid me, my dad's all "take the van, you'll probably need it" and I'm all "naw, it shouldn't be that big" because it's a countertop unit, right? Guess what? *facepalm* I had to sit on the damn thing and call my mom to bring the van. :p At least I had Aaron to keep me company and help me lift. lol Yesterday was busy so I'll be hooking that up today! :D

70% to my SwagBucks Sephora haul! Another week and I'll get my bonus and a big ol' jump towards that haul. So excited! I can't wait. Hope everybody's having a great week. Hang in there! Take care. See you tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sinful Colors: Sweet Tooth & Models Own: Freak Out

Hello, dolls! WTF made me think I'd be able to swatch Knackered over pastel purple? I don't know, but the test showed it was no bueno so that's why I'm wearing Freak Out again. This time it's over purple instead of blue, though, so you get to see it another way. :)

I did start with two coats of Sweet Tooth, because WTF was I thinking skipping Sinful Saturday?! LOL

This is from the recent Sugar Rush collection. I'm really liking these. This one had a nice, smooth formula and dried fairly quickly. I was afraid I wasn't going to like it. Indoors it looked too close to my skintone which was freaking me out a bit. Outside, however, in even the slightest sunlight, it became more pretty purple and less sickly "wtf is wrong with my hands?".

As I was putting Knackered back into my International drawer, I noticed Freak Out's blue cap staring at me. I checked my previous swatch and decided it was totally okay to wear it again. I always say I'm going to and so far this is the first time I've actually done it. :p

I think I like this better over purple than blue. Like what I did to my index finger while I was putting my shoes on? Right after I told myself "be careful, it's probably not fully dry yet". :p

I love Freak Out... lol I guess I'll go ahead and do Knackered tomorrow. Doesn't seem right to make it wait a whole other week and I plan on getting my last two Wet n Wilds done next Wednesday anyways. Guess I better let Jet out before she destroys the room... Hope everyone's having a great week. Halfway there!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pure Ice: Sugar Cookie & Show Stopper +Bioshock Midnight Release

Hello, everybody! Before I forget again, I had no issues removing the Nail Fraud nail strips. They came off just like normal polish, even with the adhesive. Second, the Pure Ice contest is only open on Twitter and Instagram. No facebook entries this time. Which puts me in a bit of a tight spot having neither of those accounts. I feel like there was a third thing, but I can't remember now. If I do I'll let ya know. ;) Oh yeah! Dosh finally came in the mail yesterday. Took it four days to get here from Ft Worth. lol

Okay, so I wasn't going to use Sugar Cookie as my base, but Show Stopper did not perform well over the black. So I'm starting off with three coats of Sugar Cookie. Another ultra-sheer limited edition polish from Pure Ice that, apparently, has three different versions floating around out there? The one I have is a sheer pink with irridescent (one day I'll remember how to spell that without looking it up) glitters and shimmer.

This is pretty. I was going to layer it over silver, but that totally washed it out. Would look nice layered over a pastel pink, though.

So my idea was to layer Show Stopper (not to be confused with another Pure Ice polish Showstopper which is not crackle and not red, though the exact color escapes me) over Irresistable, but it was too sheer and the red didn't show. For some reason I started thinking of candy canes so I decided to angle the cracks this time.

The weird thing on this one is that it's heavily pigmented, but I already mentioned it's kind of sheer. o_O Yeah. I do like this angled crackle look, though. Pretty wicked.

Tomorrow is WTF Wednesday and I'll be pulling out a Sinful Colors to make up for the skipped Saturday and layering over another color that I have too much of and have put off wearing forever. ;) C'mon back!

So last night was the midnight release for Bioshock Infinite. We've been die-hard Game Stoppers since they opened, despite several ups and downs. Now, though, they're really trying to show out; especially for these midnight release parties. Because how fun is it to go pick up your game and encounter someone from the game?!

Not a lot of information was pre-released so he went for the vibe of "The Founders" and included his favorite vigor (power) the Murder of Crows.

He was a big hit and everybody loved it. Since he went all out he got 20% off of his game, which is an open offer for future game midnight-releases. They want it to be an event! We had already paid off Bioshock months ago so Aaron decided to be super sweet and instead of getting the strategy guide he put the extra money towards my Sims Island Paradise pre-order. Aw! :) That's love. Here's a close up of his crow vigor:

It's smaller than he wanted, but we had to order it off of amazon at near-last-minute. Still, the extra touches of the red eye and torn flesh really made the difference. One of the employees ordered the replica sky-hook and so there was a parking lot face-off between The Founders and the Vox Populi!

All in all it was a pretty fun night. There was one interesting guy there, beard, tattoos, green plastic eyeglasses... playing a ukulele. Even the one... *ahem* guy who developed an instant and intense crush on me (why is there always one at these things?!) wasn't too much of a problem. Aaron spent most of the night talking to him to keep him away from me. Which gave me enough free time to decide I really want a Nintendo DS.... LOL So, yeah, pretty awesome. :)

Time to head out and pick up dinner. Hope everyone's having a great week. :D

Monday, March 25, 2013

Julep: Marion & Zoya: Storm Half-Moon

Hi guys! Look! *points* Another follower! (^_^)"/" Hiyeee!!! Always exciting. I know I said I was going to do this with Topaz, but then I started thinking about my previous "too subtle" problems and decided to go with a color more contrasting with Marion.... Oh Marion... The formula on this was super thick and pretty much swallowed up the silver shimmer. :( Aw... It is a pretty, dusty blue that leans kind of greenish indoors.

Two thick coats. Thick formula. I think I'll add some thinner to it. I was up almost all night and I still got some hair marks in there.

Pretty, but I would have liked to see more of the shimmer.

Now the fun stuff! I didn't get pictures of the sticker placement, but this is your basic tape technique. I used the last of the essence french-tip stickers (you get 30; is 30 for 99cents a good deal?) and lined up the bottom of the inner curve with my cuticle to create what's called "half moon".

Which I guess it would be if my cuticles weren't so rounded? This is more of a 3/4 waxing gibbous. LOL Anyway... Love this!! One coat of Zoya Storm was perfectly opaque to cover up Marion for this. I did use my quick-dry topcoat to smooth out the layers, but Storm was already dry by the time I got to that. So quick! And the sparkle!!

OOOOoooooooh. Pretty. :) I do like this half-moon look. Chic and easy.

Got an announcement from Pure Ice! You can win 20 bottles by following Pure Ice on Twitter or Instagram and post up your prettiest spring-inspired flower manicure with #Pureicespring. No word on if you can also post on facebook, so I'll let you know. Oh, and the contest ends April 19, so get painting! ;)

Speaking of Pure Ice, tomorrow I've got another "really too dark for Spring" idea that's been gnawing at me so I will be doing that tomorrow. lol Then I'll try to lighten it up again because it is obviously Spring here in Texas.

Tonight we're going to the midnight release for Bioshock Infinite. Aaron was asked to dress for the occassion so I will have pictures of that tomorrow as well. Guess it's time to go and catch up on some emails. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

LA Colors: Shock +Experiment?

Not entirely sure what to call this. Whatever it is I'll be glad to get it off... but I'm getting ahead of myself! LA Colors Shock is not to blame for this experiment going south. lol Although I was a *tad* disappointed. This is two coats of white and three coats of Shock.

Shock leans a bit more yellowy than I expected. It's pretty awesome and bright, but I definitely would have liked it to be a bit more saturated. You'll get some indoor shots in a sec.

Okay, so I had my base color done and let it dry overnight. Then I took the essence french tip stickers and did like so on all of my fingers:

Then, one finger at a time, I painted a thin layer of Shock and sprinkled my "flocking" powder over it.

Even with the extra sprinkling time I had no issues removing the stickers.

The issue I have, the only issue I have, is that this stuff from Dollar Tree is not flocking powder. :p It's glitter. Which makes it rough and pokey and it's snagging on everything. So if you're going to go out and buy it, just keep that in mind. It is cool looking, but it does not have that soft, fur-like quality.

That said, this mani (I did do all 10 fingers) did not use that much of the glitter. I still have half a vial left. No idea what I'm going to do with it, but I have it.

Okay, so the month is winding down. I think I'll sport my last Julep tomorrow before I forget. Perhaps I'll use the last of my stickers and double it up with Topaz. See if I can't encourage the blue to come out. ;) I want to try the half-moon mani and I think these stickers are the only way I'll be able to accomplish that. See? Doing more art. Like I said I was gonna. LOL Still waiting on Dosh to get here. Taking forever to get here from Ft Worth! 65% of the way to my Sephora haul. Slowly ticking away at that. Everyone enjoying their weekend? I hope so. :) As always if there's anything you want to see just let me know. The link to my Stash Collection Page is up there at the top. Unlinked = Unswatched. lol

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Revlon: Aquamarine +Aqua Violet Compare +Plus

Hiyee..... Guess who forgot today was Saturday! *waits*.... Yep. It was me. :p Sorry Sinful Colors. And sorry Revlon, because Aquamarine looks so magically beautiful indoors by my monitor light, but the sunshine kinda dulls it out... actually... maybe they should be apologizing to me about that! What's up with that, Revlon?! lol I wish I had a good low-light camera that would accurately capture these colors because it is seriously mesmerizing right now. In the dark. By monitor light. Outside it's still pretty, but the purple hides! Oh let me just show you.

Pretty. :) This is three coats, no topcoat. You can kind of see the purple in the close-up angle.

Kind of... Okay, so I picked up Aquamarine and Topaz thinking I was being all slick. HEB had a $2.50 coupon so they were only $5.50 instead of $8... which wasn't much comfort after I realized they're only .29oz. That's only .02oz more than the new essence bottles! (China Glaze is a full .5oz) No wonder I rarely buy Revlon... So, anyway, I thought I was being all saavy with my selections... until I was going through my stash page and realize that Aquamarine is suspiciously close to Models Own Aqua Violet. OMG How spoiled am I getting that I forgot about Aqua Violet?! Oh well, I guess it gives me a chance to compare the two for you.

Luckily for me they're not exact dupes. They are close enough that if you're drooling for Aqua Violet then Aquamarine should do it for you.

So, I alluded to the reworked essence display (I did do that, right?) and here are the pictures!

We've got four Nude Glam polishes, a gel topcoat, french manicure guide stickers and some little butterfly/flower decals.

A mini stamping kit with stamper, scraper and plate, silver and gold glitter/rhinestone doodads and dotting tool! Way to go essence!

I picked up a packet of the french tip guides, because I've got some curved-taping ideas in mind. Also, while we were at Dollar Tree I picked up what looks like flocking powder.

I don't know how well neon will show, and the vials look a little small for a full mani, but it will be fun to experiment. Still don't know what happened to those other doodads I picked up and have no idea how I got two packs of the flakies.... Frustrating. :p I think tomorrow I'm going to go with some neon orange and test out those strips and the flocking powder. hehehe Probably not on all nails, but at least one. Dip my toes, so to speak. In the meantime it's time to feed the kitties and then check the news websites because something big was going down out here and I kinda want to know what it was. Y'all be safe out there and have a great weekend! :D

Friday, March 22, 2013

Essence: Oh My Glitter! & Crack Me! White

Howdy howdy howdy. :p Aw man... Just remembered we're having fish tonight. My mom's getting labwork done Monday so it's three nights of fish. I like fish... just that we learned last time that Long John Silvers doesn't work quite as well.... LOL *ahem* So anyway, I've got two pretty pretty essences like I said I was gonna. Starting with two coats of Oh My Glitter!.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to capture the pink shimmer, but you should be able to see it in there. It doesn't hide. ;) This one is a bit sheer and probably could have used a third coat, but crackle is forthcoming so I decided it wasn't totally necessary.

So pretty. Nice pastel spring color for you, still available on the current essence displays. These ones are a little under $2 (instead of $1 like the old bottles), but you do get a bit more polish so it's okay.

I decided for the white I wanted more thin cracks (as opposed to fewer thick cracks) so I went with one thin coat of Crack Me! White.

I did add topcoat because I like my crackle to look like a part of the polish (as opposed to apart from the polish hehe), so I guess I should let you know that Crack Me! White dries matte.

The name does intrigue me. Odd place for an exclamation point. Does this mean there are other colors? Apparently there is a black and a pink glitter one that looked to have the same density problem as We Need To Talk... Knowing that, I would still probably get it if I saw it. LOL I wouldn't be able to help myself. I'm not going to drive myself crazy searching, though. Since I took the picture, here's the name:

So... Color Club doesn't want me in their network. Oh I could email to get more information about their requirements and re-apply in three months, but I like my blog. Take me as I am or don't. I'm fine with it. Sure rejection hurts, but I'll get over it. My dad's coming in today and I have plenty of pretty pretty preciouses to choose from. The question now, I suppose, is which precious will have the illustrious task of making Lizzy smile in spite of rejection... hehehehe No holos because it's going to be overcast until Monday. Hrm.... OMG I don't know! LOL I guess I'll pick something when we get back. I do have a few possibles. Everyone have a safe and tremendously awesome weekend! I'll be here. ;)