Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zoya: Vespa (FINALLY!!!)

ERMAHGERD!!! *dies* I was getting so upset last night waiting and waiting and waiting for the mailman. Turns out Aaron intercepted my package and had to tease me with it. :p I've been so fixated on getting my hands on the PixieDust polishes (and getting them on my nails) that I forgot about my three free promo polishes and the other freebies for spending over $50. So I was quite surprised when I opened my box and all this came out:

Woah! Okay, little at a time. lol I got a little bottle of their polish remover and an even littler bottle of quick dry drops.

I also got a little catalogue all of their colors and products and available displays and color spoons for the new Spring collection.

Last but not least, my preciouses:

Midori, Tallulah, Apple, Dahlia, Chyna, Godiva, Vespa, Nyx and London. *phew* Since I still haven't found a suitable replacement image hoster I reconciled this by making a second stash folder so I wasn't searching for hours for the images, so they are on my collection page. (linked above)

Without any further delay, finally I present Vespa!!!

Given the texture, this one was surprisingly sheer and required three coats. Also surprisingly, it didn't dry quite as quickly as I anticipated. No biggie. I mean, just look!

Vespa is a soft, sage green with some of the sparkliest silver glitter ever. "So... what's up with the texture, woman?!" I'm getting there, I'm getting there.

Can you see it? On the right side there, where the shadows are hitting it just right? Looks pretty extreme. It really isn't. The look is extreme, but the feel is not as off-putting as some people seemed to think it would be. :p OMG So many people "I have to have smooth nails". Yeah, okay, you're missing out. The feel of this is somewhere between a smooth matte polish and a rough glitter. Yes! It is less textured than a rough glitter. It doesn't look that way, but since this polish was designed to be textured I think they took that into concideration and the purposeful texture feels less rough. You have to remember, our fingertips are extremely sensitive and rubbing the polish against my arm or even my face there's hardly any textural recognition at all. I find myself "fingering" this polish a lot, but I don't mind the texture. I like the texture. That's why I bought them. :p I do have one teensy weensy little complaint.

Cleanup. "Isn't it always?" Hey! Shaddap. lol Okay, from what I've read most of these are two coaters so it shouldn't be too much of an issue with those. This one, however, with it's three coats was a bit thick and took a little longer to dry. Cleanup was odd. The 100% acetone ate through the polish no problem, but that kind of was the problem? The polish on my nails would turn into almost wet sand and stick to itself and move around. So I have some bald spots on the sides that nobody but me (and you) will notice. Trying to scrape off glitters with a wet brush is always a pain, but I kind of expected that. I've heard removal isn't a problem and since I soak every polish anyways I don't see it being one for me. I'll let you know tomorrow! Yeah, I was going to swatch all at once, but I couldn't sleep last night and my mom had to have blood drawn at 8am and I kinda passed out when I got home. :p

Okay... what else... Oh! I looked at my calendar and Chinese New Year is the 10th so I will be breaking my PixieDust swatch-o-rama for that. I will try to get Chyna in before that so it doesn't get put off. Normally I would have swatched the red first to get it out of the way, but I waited too long for these to not try the green first. It's supposed to be overcast tomorrow so I think I'll go for London next. Uhm... I did cash out my SwagBucks to paypal so I'm just waiting on that to process. (always waiting!!) May switch my haul around a teensy bit since..... oh geez *sigh* I was going to say something about how my current holos have me pretty well set until the new sets start coming out and apparently while I was at the store Color Club announced their second Halo Hues set will start shipping Feb 15 and they have some interesting colors. *cries* Oh, sorry, check them out by clicking here. Oh, and if you want to see the new China Glaze holos coming out click here. Some people are disappointed by the "less in your face holo", but I like these. Something different, ya know?

This is getting long... uhm... I think that's it. LOL I'm going to use my regular remover to try and get this PixieDust off and then tomorrow I'll use Zoya's remover and see if I notice a difference. Cool things coming up. Ya know, if you're a hopeless polish junkie like me. ;) Hope everyone's week is going well so far!


  1. I love Remove+ so much I've used up two (or maybe three?) of the huge bottles. I haven't tried the Pixie Dust yet--will be interesting to see if I like those better than the OPI Liquid Sand.

    1. Yeah! I can't wait to see your take on them. I don't have anything to compare them to, but I am looooving them. I wish OPI had put the stars in the blue liquid sand. :(


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