Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zoya: London

It wasn't exactly overcast today, but sunshine is good, too. At least as far as trying to get decent pictures. One of my old, dear friends randomly decided to send me a Hello Kitty snugee so I was kinda hoping for a bit of a chill. LOL I'll get a picture of it as soon as I can figure out how. This thing is humongous! Anyway, since I've been slacking a bit on my "more art" resolution, I thought I'd try my hand at some artsy bottle shots. You saw my first attempt yesterday with Vespa. Here's another for London:

Yay? Nay? *shrugs* I kinda like it. Except you can see how my shorter my right nails are. :p London is the grey one. This was also three coats, but I waited much longer between coats and each coat was a bit thinner.

I think the thinner coats made for a slightly less textured effect? There is still texture, but it seems a *tad* smoother than Vespa.

Also, I waited hours before trying any cleanup and it was much easier this time around. I think if I had slept with it on then most of it would have just flaked off on it's own. Except maybe around my cuticles.

So, how was removal? OMG Easy as pie! Well, easier than glitters anyway. The pixie sparkles are teeny tiny so just a soak, pull and swipe and *poof* all gone. I'm sure I mentioned at some point, but even for regular shimmers and creams I soak a half a cotton ball in "strengthening" polish remover (usually the purple stuff) and just press the cotton ball onto my nail. I let it sit there for about 3-5 minutes (8-10 for heavy glitters) then press hard and slide the polish off. Fold the cotton ball in half and use the clean sides for any extra removal. Vespa was easily removed after about 4 minutes. Easier than glitter and easier than a dark, heavily pigmented creams which tends to really get down in the creases. :p Tonight I'll try out the Zoya remover and let you know what I think of that tomorrow.

Got a notice from A England and my polishes are on their way to Llarowe. Still a little nervous about that. I really hope they don't ship FedEx.... They can never find us. :( Everybody keep your fingers crossed that they get here with further issue. I had another Alexis polish art to share, but thanks to the ultra-suckiness of photobucket that will have to wait 'til tomorrow. Instead I thought you might be interested in this little segment from my polish spreadsheet.

Why did I think you might be interested? .....I dunno. :p Partly I was just excited to have the bottom row asterisked, partly I'm just proud of myself for keeping up with it. OMG I am loving this textured matte polish!!! Going to be hard going back to normal, smooth, shiny polish. Especially in London's chic grey this stuff rawks. Tomorrow we'll see if this love continues to hold out in infamous red. Yep, Chyna tomorrow! *dun~dun~duuunnnn* Hope everyone's having a great week. :D


  1. Easy to remove that is great .The colour is also amazing. Looks so nice on your nails.

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, I was super surprised at how easy it was to remove. Zoya did a really great job with these.


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