Saturday, February 9, 2013

Zoya: Godiva & Pure Ice Quest

Oh my goodness. *facepalm* It's taken me so long to get to this point. lol Fortunately for once I have good news, good news, good news and more good news! WHAT?! Yep. First bit of good news? Got the shipping notice for my A England order! :D Okay, now on to Godiva.

Hrm. This is three coats, dried properly. I love the color, but I'm not quite sure I love it on me. Bummer. lol

Maybe I'm just not used to it. I do love it, though, and that brings me to another good news! I watched Colette's haul video and her bottle of Chyna was seperated like mine. A few other people on Zoya's facebook page had the same issue. With nothing to lose I broke out my bottle of polish thinner, added a couple of drops and shook the hell out of Chyna to loosen up all the glitter bits and...

It worked! Little hard to tell in that picture, I suppose, but it did work. The glitter bits settled again overnight, but were easily shaken back into place. Yay! I'll possibly maybe do a full re-swatch at some point. Probably. lol

So this morning I went on my quest for Pure Ice. Sandy wanted to come with me so badly that she kind of strong-armed me into printing out a picture of her and tacking it to my passenger seat....

So I didn't have to go alone. LOL We had so much fun laughing and singing. And we only had to hit up three Walmarts before finding the new display! Which... yes. If you are familiar with the area that brought me right back to Killeen. -_- Anyway, this display was a bit smaller than the original Runway display.... and it was missing the velours. NNNNOOOoooooo!!!!!! :( So still no Ruffled Sheets for me. I did manage a decent little haul of metallics and glitters, though.

TopLeft to BottomRight: Over You, Watch Me Go, Dazzle Me, I'll Behave (I knew there was a green one of those!), Irreplaceable, Never Satisfied, I'll Never Tell, and It's Complicated. *phew* So much glitter.

I guess that's.... What? I had four good newses and that was only three? Oh, well the fourth one was concerning a petition I signed to drop the charges against an Indiana couple who were being hassled for rescuing an injured deer. :) Charges dropped! I love getting good news from OH! And I actually did forget one. While watching Colette's haul video she mentioned getting her Color Club Halo Hues from a site called and they're only $6.50, they ship USPS and they take Paypal. WHAT?! Yep. Haul re-organization is imminent. lol Oh, and I got a discount code for.... *checks* Nail Art Society? It's a monthly box like Julep but it's supposed to have polish and nail art supplies. *shrugs* You know I'll let you know if it's any good.

Man. 4pm already. I need a pre-dinner nap. lol Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


  1. I love the colour but the texture....I realllly don't like it, or the nails inc concrete or OPI sand it just grosses me out lol the thought of touching it like I do obsessively to my nails is creepin me out maaaaan

    1. LOL It's not really that bad. At least the Zoya ones aren't. I didn't know Nails Inc had textured polishes! I might have to look into that... ;)


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