Monday, February 11, 2013

Zoya: Dahlia

Oh my gawd you guys! :( So I was putzing around last night and brought up photobucket on my laptop which is still running Windows XP. The good news is that it was working beautifully! Everything loaded, and it didn't crash or add a mess of extra BS to the ends of my filenames. Then, today, as I was moving my pictures from the desktop (the one with my image editor) to the laptop... disaster struck! First off, somehow in the process of moving the pictures I lost two. Then, while uploading my one remaining picture.... it added a ton of crap to the end of my filename! WTF?! I dunno what they're doing over in the photobucket offices, but it would be super if they'd get their acts together. I checked out flickr and, while it works okay, I would totally lose the original uploaded file and have to link back to flickr to get the direct links to my pictures? No freakin' thank you. I'm not comfortable with that.

I guess the moral of that little story is that I only have one picture of Dahlia, but at least you don't have to worry about me linking out you to some other site against my will.

Ta-da! Dahlia actually dries to a dark grey more than a black. Still very elegant and only two coats for this one!

And... that's it. *boo* Seems rather incomplete, doesn't it? Sorry. Guess tomorrow I'll just put up with crappy photobucket on the destop for Nyx tomorrow. Last PixieDust! This has certainly been a fun journey. Despite dumbass photobucket. :p Oh look, my Nail Art Society box just shipped. Hope it's cool. lol See y'all tomorrow!

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