Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sinful Colors: Moss Have & Happy Ending

Good... afternoon! It was morning when I got the pictures uploaded, but stupid photobucket thwarted a pre-noon posting. :p At least it's not evening (or even prevening) yet, so yay!! Today I have returned to the Sinful Saturday format with two beautiful green Sinful Colors to share. First up is Moss Have:

A cool, metallic minty green similar to Pure Ice First Time and Salon Perfect Silver Mint... which I guess I'm going to have to remember to compare now. lol

Some magic shadow pictures to cut the glare. ;) This is one quick drying coat. It is a bit brush-strokey, but not terribly noticeable in real life.

*love* I wish someone other than super expensive essie (that I can never find discounted or on clearance) would do an all chrome collection.

I did a quick test for Happy Ending and it was a bit sheer so I decided to layer it over Moss Have. Thankfully the green didn't alter the green (I know what I said LOL) and you can still see the gold shimmer.

Very springy. Springish? Spring like? Nice color for Spring. :p

The shimmer is very light (as opposed to dense) and hardly shows in low light. Which I like in this case. Brightens up the green without being an in-your-face garish gold.

OMG I'm going to post this up now so I can start working on tomorrow. hehehehe After almost no debate I've decided to try out Orly's Old School Orange and I already have an art idea for it. Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!! :D


  1. I like the green. Not sure about the grey one :)

    1. It keeps looking grey, but it's supposed to be greenish. lol I like Happy Ending, too. Will probably use it for something once Spring gets here. :)


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