Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sinful Colors: Georgio & Super Nova

Funny Story: These colors were freshly released and brand new back when I picked them up. :p Finally getting around to them. Now, I'll warn you, these aren't the best swatches. I had all kinds of clean up issues. The colors are lovely, though, and the formulas surprisingly good so bear with me. Please?

First up is a brown cream dream called Georgio.

This is two coats. At one coat it looks more red and streaky, but two! That's your magic number with this one. Dried pretty quickly, too.

The problem with these heavily pigmented polishes is always clean up. Looked good inside then I get out in the sun and have red rings around my nails. :p

The second one, Super Nova, seriously surprised me. After so many "Oh this looks metallic... oh, it's a sheer shimmer" disappointments I finally managed a true single coat metallic!

One coat, full cover. My dream is for anyone to pull this off with a full rainbow of colors. All colors! Not just the easy ones, people!! :p

Again, looked good inside then got out in the sun and had gold metal speckles all around my nails. :p Lovely.

There you have Sinful Saturday. I think I have 10 of these left. I haven't picked up anymore recently. I have been looking, just haven't noticed anything new... or anything old that I don't have or like. Which is fine. lol I'll be glad to be through these as well.

No shipping notice from A England, not sure if that will be coming from them or from Llarowe when shipped from there. Or maybe I won't get one and it will be a big surprise? I don't know! As long as I get my polishes at some point I'll be happy. St George!!! My Zoyas should be here Tuesday. Things to look forward to. Now it should be time to head out and grab some food then come back and do some dishes. Thrilling! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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