Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sinful Colors: Ciao Bella & Pure Ice: Never Satisfied & It's Complicated

Yup! I did it. Oh, quick thing I forgot to mention yesterday. Upon closer inspection Green Ocean is only half-flakie. The smaller bits are actually irridescent glitters. Not really a game-changing revelation, but I thought I'd mention it anyways.

So, you'll notice today is not a "pure" Sinful Saturday. I trust that's not a problem for anybody? lol I am starting off with a base of two coats of Ciao Bella.

I picked this one up thanks to tons of online raves. I wish one of those raves would have mentioned the fact that it's a jelly!!! So there you go. I mentioned it. Thankfully I noticed this during application and remembered my topcoat or who knows what this would have looked like by the time I got around to taking pictures.

This one also looks better indoors. I don't like what sunlight does to jellies. :p Indoors Ciao Bella is a gorgeous glowing blue sapphire. Regardless, I decided it would make a nice, dark base for two of my glitters.

Starting with one coat of Never Satisfied.

Never Satisfied is kinda funky cool. Teeny blue glitters and small red, pink and gold glitters. Interesting combination.

It's Complicated, in my opinion, is even cooler. A rainbow confetti of glitters.

hehehehe So much fun!!! It's like a party on my nails.

I did have a teensy problem with my hand shaking because it was trying so hard to behave for the pictures (poor, poor right hand), but I did get a pretty awesome out-of-focus shot for ya.

Every cloud, eh?

So guess what! They still had purple!

Now I have the three that I wanted. There's also a yellow and two kinds of red. As if that's necessary.... whatever. Hard Candy is revamping their entire line and there are a crapton of new polishes coming out. Walmart exclusive so I guess we'll have to see how well that works out. Also, I forgot to mention, since SC put out their line of pastels I decided to skip March's Julep box. Pastels. They did have a green and gold polish for St Patricks Day, but.... yeah. Green and gold. *ugh* I just couldn't make myself get it. So I'm not. :) lol We'll see what April offers. Also I have my Nail Art Society box coming next month so that should give me some green goodies to play with.... OMG Cleaned up my area and still can't find my missing doodads!! :( Maybe they fell behind my computer or something.

Yeah, I'm rambling. Got my nails all prepped for some eye-bursting neon goodness tomorrow. I'll see ya there! Hope everyone's having a great weekend. :D

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