Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple VDay Mani(s) #2

Another day gotten away from me. LOL So awful. I do have a ton to share with you, though! A ton! So much that I'm saving the toes for tomorrow. Today we are toe-free. We're starting off with two coats of OPI Senorita Rose-Alita. Yes! I added some polish thinner because it was gloopy and stuck to the sides and managed myself almost 2/3 of a bottle. :D

This polish had so much going against it. It's OPI, it's pink... okay, two things. :p In spite of myself I actually really liked it. The gold shimmer gives it sort of a peachy tint.

So, I had this idea to manufacture a french-tip with hearts, but... I'm lazy? And my hearts were a little hit-and-miss. So I have one teensy heart in the center of my tips done with China Glaze Vertical Rush; which I had out for my toes.

I used Abbie's tips in her dotting tool tutorial. I used Version 2 of the hearts. My pinky came out the best, but it kept glaring on the close-up. *boo*

As simple as it is, this would have made a great overall mani, but... I did say I'd swatch Twinkly Love if it killed me....

I had so much trouble getting the hearts out of that bottle! I think next time I'll just pour it out and grab some with tweezers or something. The jelly base in this was super thick, but that didn't help. Cute hearts; pain in the ass.

Did I say "super thick"? I believe I did. Which brings me to my actual gripe.

WTF is that? I used the Qtica quick dry drops which, according to the bottle, "dries all layers of polish from top to bottom rock-hard in 5-7 minutes". I gotta call 'bullshit' on this one because I had my hand drying for 5 minutes, used the drops and sat here doing nothing for at least half an hour after. I guess Qtica never tested their drops on KleanColor's super stubborn non-drying jelly formula. :p So, yeah. I'm not saying Julep could have done any better in this case, but this particular one is clearly not the miracle product it claims to be. On regular polish it does work (I've been using it to save my Julep drops), but KleanColor jellies still will not dry. lol

Okay! Next thing. I got my first Nail Art Society... packet today. :D

I must say I am super pleased so far! I don't know if I would be for $20, but the half-off code definitely makes this a great deal. I got a bottle of Finger Paints Expressionist Red, a four-sided file/buffer, a dotting tool, 3D nail art glitter sticker, teeny gold chain and little gold "Love" decals. OMG I can't wait for Halloween!!! LOL It also came with a little instruction card with a mani idea that incorporates all of those things, but... meh. I think I can get something cool out of all that on my own. OMG CHAIN! That's gonna be awesome. Now I have to re-organize my nail art tub.... :p

This afternoon I popped out to Cove to help highlight Melissa's hair and while we were waiting for that to soak in I did her daughter's nails. Dude, I love that girl. She's so freakin' awesome. So she picked out here colors and she made a far better decision than I probably would have.

The blue is Sinful Colors (it didn't have a label) and the silver is Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. Sponged! I did good sponging. :D lol I did not-so-good forgetting my proper camera at home so that's taken with my phone. :p I do have one cool sponging idea for some of my Beetlejuice polishes, but I kinda want to wait until the sun is more reliable. It's gonna shine! I wrote it down so I don't forget.

*phew* Had an unusually high (120SB) goal today for a holiday, but I managed to make it. According to the trackers I should be expecting one package tomorrow and two on the 16th. And the A Englands will be a surprise. lol OMG If I get packages on the 16th? That no-Saturday-mail thingy only applies to letters, right? If not I guess I'm waiting until Monday. SwagBucks was kind enough to get me addicted to Fairway Solitaire so I'm going to go play that for a bit. Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day or "Singles Awareness Day" or Thursday. ;) Take care, be safe and tomorrow I'll have Nyx and Vertical Rush! Promise. ;)


  1. I have the same problem when I draw hearts they are always a hit or miss. I then end up using nail polish hearts instead :)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. ;) I still need a lot of practice. lol


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