Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simple Pure Ice Valentine's Day Mani

OMG I'm so late today! Haven't been sleeping well so when I didn't wake up this morning I just went with it. lol So last night I did this super simple Valentine's Day design starting with two coats of All Nighter and one coat of Purple Rain on my ring finger:

Dotted on a wonky little heart because my "big" dotter wasn't quite as big as I imagined.

Could have been better. So, anyway, I decided that Purple Rain was too gorgeous, and so I painted that over the All Nighter on my right hand to show you.

Purple Rain is just breathtaking!! Check out this shimmer:

And that's not my camera playing tricks, either! Perfect purple with crazy blue shimmers. And, seriously, no red ring.... I was just lazy and didn't feel like removing All Nighter first. :p

Tomorrow I have another super simple V-Day design in mind. Hopefully my hearts come out a little better. Also, I'll be getting that KleanColor heart glitter out of the way if it kills me. And toes! Tomorrow there will be toes.

So last night my $100 SwagBucks cashout finally cleared and I spent the whole of it in about 45 minutes. LOL Didn't exactly get what I said I was, but more or less I did. For those of you who are just insatiably curious, here's the ultimate list of all of the polishes that are on their way to me at the moment:

A England: St George, Ascalon, Guinevere, Iseult
China Glaze: Grafitti Glitter, Glitz n' Pieces
Color Club: Angel Kiss, Beyond, Kismet, Cosmic Fate, Eternal Beauty, Worth The Risque
Misa: Fatal Affair, Toxic Seduction, Dying Love, Love Bite, Bikini With A Martini, Pour Me Something Tall And Strong, Never Say Never
Models Own: Freak Out
Orly: Old School Orange, Purple Pleather, Viridian Vinyl

I really hope they don't come all at once, because searching for the thumbnails in photobucket to update my collection page is going to be a nightmare as it is. I almost ordered more A Englands off of ninjapolish, but I figured one outstanding order at a time is enough. lol Oh yeah, plus my Nail Art Society box is on it's way. Keep forgetting about that. I wonder what's going to be in it? I hope some striping tape. That would be sweet! Ok, time to start on tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a great week. :)


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