Monday, February 18, 2013

Pure Ice: Temptress & Over You

....*blah* .....*deep breath* ....*blah* :p Okay, that didn't work. Was kind of a long, frustrating weekend, but at least I made progress on some things. Including actually getting up early and forcing myself onto the bike for 2 miles. Yay! I know I said I was going to find a base for Freak Out. I think I did, but I also have a ton of Pure Ice to wade through so I decided to go with that for today. Starting with two coats of the velour finished Temptress:

I didn't quite like this one as much as the others. Possibly because of the gold (which is coming off red) shimmer. -_-

And blogger is lagging.... lovely.... *ahem* Like I was saying: Love the finish, love the color, not terribly keen on the shimmer. Part of my issue with Chyna, actually. Why do all the rest of the PixieDusts have silver shimmer and that one red? Why?! Consistancy, people! *a-HEM*

Since I also have a boatload of new Pure Ice glitters go to through I topped this off with one coat of Over You. Also, since I now have to worry about a storage limit on photobucket I decided to turn two images into one. Let me know what you think! If anybody even still reads this. :p

*shrugs* Over You has small light blue hex and bar glitters and teeny lavendar glitters.

I like it. Think it might also look good over a pale blue? Temptress was part of the very Limited Edition velours, but Over You is on the new displays that are popping up in many more Walmarts until March.... 5th? Or so? There's still a little time so go look! They are in cardboard stand-alone displays and have been spotted in numerous places. Women's clothing, between shoes and jewelry (where I found mine), and most recently by pet food! So if you're trying to track them down you really do need to look everywhere. Personally I will be stalking Target and Walgreens for a Sinful Colors St Patrick's Day display which, apparently, contains a green flakie called Green Ocean. OMG!!! I hope I can find it here because I might feel a tad silly driving 45 minutes for one $2 polish.... I will, though. For a green flakie I will. LOL

That's it for me. Think I'll take a quick nap (don't judge me lol) before continuing my early start on Spring Cleaning. Take care and happy polishing!


  1. Pure Ice has really stepped up their game haven't they?

    1. They really have and I couldn't be happier! :D To get such fabulous colors from a "budget" brand is a blessing. Now we just have to hope that Walmart gets their act together so people can find them!

  2. These are so pretty. heheh you are going to spend more in petrol than on the polish :)Green flakie? Haven't seen one :)

    1. hehehe Yeah I would. I have the Zoya green flakie, but I never even knew Sinful Colors had one! Apparently it's been randomly released for years.


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