Friday, February 8, 2013

Pure Ice: Kissing Cupid & Zoya: Chyna & Product Reviews

Okay, got quite a few things to cover, so let's just jump in!

I knew I was going to swatch Chyna today and couldn't stop myself from getting another red out of the way while I was at it. So we're starting with two coats of Pure Ice Kissing Cupid.

I used the Qtica drops (which I will cover shortly) so I can't comment on drying time, but as you can see at least one more coat wouldn't have hurt.

Kissing Cupid is a lovely brown-red. I liked it more than I thought. Possibly because it's so brown toned. Now... I thought it would make a suitable base color for Chyna, but....

Okay, you can't quite see the part where I was sitting here for half an hour and it wasn't drying at all, but you should kinda be able to see the part where it wasn't texturizing either. Very strange. It didn't occur to me that this wouldn't work because I've been using a base coat. So I took this all off and swatched Chyna by herself, two coats, no basecoat.

Does this look like a jelly to anybody else? You can kinda see the texture on my pinky here:

But my other fingers looked more like they did before when it wasn't drying. Except that it did dry. Hrm.

Now.... I don't know how these PixieDust polishes work exactly, if I got a wonky bottle or if it has something to do with this:

If this was any of the other colors I'd be terribly upset, but since it's the red I think I'm willing to risk adding some polish thinner to see if I can wrench some of that "stuff" loose. Take this as a friendly bit of advice if you're looking for these at Ulta: Make sure the bottle is well shaken and all of the "stuff" isn't settled to the bottom. I've shaken and shaken and shaken this bottle and it's not moving. Yet. ;) Like I said, though, it's just "the red one" so I'm not overly concerned. Not enough to cause a fuss and ship it back and wait for another. I'll work with it and see if it's a fixable issue, but if not... *shrugs* I could still use it for art.

Now for the two free products I got with my order:

I'll start with the Remove+. Zoya was answering questions on facebook and they said "soak 15 seconds and remove". I was, understandably, skeptical. Then KarenD popped up here and mentioned that she loves this stuff, so maybe it is that much better than the generic stuff I use. I decided on a mid-ground and soaked for about 60 seconds and.... *poof*! Like magic! It doesn't feel like dry ice on my fingers like 100% acetone does, but it seems to work just as well. And it doesn't smell horribly like polish remover. If I weren't suddenly in the habit of doing my nails daily I would say this is totally worth $10 for 8oz. However, since I do do my nails every day I think I'll stick to my $1 for 6oz remover. I will, however, be keeping my eyes open in case this ever goes on sale at Ulta. lol

Now. The Qtica "polish drying accelerator". I will say it works. It does work. However. First off it has kind of a strongish chemical smell whereas the Julep drops smell like flowers. Also, the Qtica drops seriously dripped all over my fingers while the Julep drops manage to stay on my nails. Qtica is $22 for 1oz and Julep is $14 ($11.40 with the Maven pricing) for 1oz. For me this one is a no-brainer. Even so, I'm glad I still have half my bottle of Julep drops because even $11.40 is kind of a lot for a... *ahem* "luxury" addition. LOL What's that? Yes, polish itself is absolutely a necessity.

Oh dang... I feel like I'm forgetting something... OH!! LMAO I totally was. On facebook people have been putting up pictures of new Pure Ice displays. RUNWAY COLLECTION displays. Re-released? I don't know, but they're real and tomorrow I'm going on a quest to find one. There are 4 Walmarts in my "immediate" area, but since Aaron's having a "boys day" tomorrow I'm going to have a "quest day" and expand my search by one town in each direction. I'm going to start in Lampasas (the only one that's not 24 hours) and make my way to Cove, then here, Heights, Belton and finally Temple. I hope I find something because I really don't want to have to trek all the way to Waco. *yikes* I'm gonna pretty myself up (though that'll make me stick out like a sore thumb in Lampasas :p ) and wear my Pure Ice t-shirt and try to get pics of all the displays. It'll be fun! Would be more fun if I had my road trip buddy, but she's in Ohio being "mommy". *pouts* I'll also remember to get pictures of Godiva which is going on my nails as soon as I'm done typing this. It looks well shaken (not stirred... LOL) so *fingers crossed* Y'all have any fun plans this weekend? If not you should swing by Walmart and see if you're lucky. ;) Either way, be safe! I'll leave you with this pic of my cousin's awesome nail art. I think this style is called "frames"? I love how she added the "shine" accents. So creative.

See ya tomorrow!!

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