Monday, February 4, 2013

Pure Ice: First Time & PI Message

Just a quick post today. :) Busy busy day. Here is a metallic green beauty goes by the name First Time. *giggles*

One coat. No basecoat if you couldn't tell by my ridges. :p

A nice smooth chromey metallic. Perfect since I don't have the Sally Hansen green chrome that both my mother and I remember, but we both kind of assume that I stole it and lost it. :p My bad. Anyway, like most metallics First Time *giggles* is perfect for stamping and I will be using it in my upcoming Chinese New Year mani. :D Things to look forward to.

I believe I mentioned a while ago that Pure Ice asked their facebook fans to go out and take pictures of the displays and post them. Well, as bad as we all know these displays are, not too many people responded. I guess not everybody is as comfortable taking pictures in stores as the bold KarenD. ;) I finally got around to it (only end up at Walmart once or twice a month) and got a response:

Going by the comments on the other few pictures I think they were pretty appalled. So good luck, Pure Ice, in cleaning up this mess and getting your displays properly stocked. I mean, at the very least. I only saw one display picture that was more than half-full.

Last little bit. I was scrolling down the "fan" comments and one woman.... geez. Got so bent out of shape over some of the new names saying they were "offense and degrade women" and she will not be buying them. Can you see me rolling my eyes from here? The only two polishes she could name were Jail Bait and No Means No. Okay, Jail Bait I understand (it's a pretty purple, though, that looks like Ascalon and I WILL be getting it when I see it) because, yeah, Jail Bait. Same messed up images as SC's Under 18, right? But how is "No Means No" degrading and offensive? It's empowering. No means freakin' NO! And much like SC, Jail Bait is the only remotely offensive PI name. Unless you're a total prude and dislike anything risque in the slightest. Is that really a reason to chastise the whole brand? I'm sure tons of polishes have offensive names if you look hard enough. Buy them or don't, I really don't care what other people do with their polish money. I just think it's rediculous and a gross overreaction to imply that Pure Ice hates women because of one poorly named polish. *steps down off of soapbox*

Wow. If I had known I'd still be sitting here an hour later I'd have started applying Rebel. :p Yes, spoiler alert, I picked the blue-silver holo for tomorrow. I did an opacity test and Rebel rawks for opacity. Haven't taken my palette out in the sun, but I borrowed Aaron's flashlight and it looks promising. Tomorrow is Tuesday!!! The tracker hasn't been updated, but I'm still hopeful. *fingers crossed* OH! Since I'm still sitting here: I mapped out my next rediculous $100 haul from head2toebeauty. hehehehe I'm getting the 3 Orly Plastix that aren't the pink one (which they sold out of, I assume, cuz it's not on there), the 3 or 4 Misa Poisoned Passion polishes I don't have, 2 or 3 of the Color Club Holos (probably 3 lol) and all 6 of the China Glaze Glitz & Pieces. Comes out to $86 (or $95 depending on the # of CC Holos) and I'm super psyched now. Decided to use my amazon card on Nubars since h2tb doesn't stock Nubar. *happy dance* I am so smart, I am so smart, S M R T..... :p Simpsons.

*ahem* Okay, so that didn't end up being near as quick as I initially pictured in my head. So sorry. Guess I'll post this up and start motivating towards the door. Hope everyone has a great week! :D

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