Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pure Ice: En Vogue & Essence: Copper'ize Me!

OMG! I think this Wednesday decided to WTF me! LOL My intention was to get the two red Pure Ice glitters out of the way. I thought I would accomplish this by layering them over another unswatched Pure Ice, En Vogue, but that was not as red as my collection page bottle shot led me to believe...

Instead En Vogue is a lovely one coat burnt sienna kind of color. Which is coming off more red in the picture than it actually is.... *facepalm*

I really like this. Kinda orange, but not really. Regardless, I didn't think it would make a very good base for either of my red glitters. It would, however, make a good base for essence Copper-ize Me!.

Or so I thought? This glitter is a lot more odd than I thought. It's got a bunch of teensy red glitter and slightly bigger blue and silver glitters. This is two coats.

Sorry these pictures aren't great, it's been cold all day and I was shivering. :p Bottle shot!

It's kinda cool.... just very very weird.

So. I went on my mission yesterday and was successful! I found a full St Patrick's Day display and grabbed one Green Ocean. When I got home I thought I'd see how it looks next to Opal.

Look different to me. ;) No worries, I'll do a comparison when I get around to wearing it. Because.... while I was out today I couldn't stop myself from picking up four of the new Sinful Colors pastels. Purple, blue, pink and orange. The yellow was Unicorn and I didn't see a green. I may pick up the darker blue, purple and pink.... maybe. I like how these go together, though, and definitely see an "Easter Egg" water marble in their future.

Wow, started typing this at 10am and now it's almost 8pm. Spent the day helping Aaron's cousin move into his new house. He's out at the moment so I think I'm going to try and take a nap. lol Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. The essence topper is so pretty :)the zoya looks just a bit darker than the sinful :)

    1. :) I usually love essence, but this one confused me. I with we had better selections here because I feel like I'm really missing out on some awesome collections.


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