Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Julep: Rebel

I am seriously going to cry. My (blogging) life is in shambles. Shambles, I say! Oh woe is me..... *sniffles* So. Photobucket. I've been on photobucket for eons. Seriously, eons. I mentioned when they were pushing the beta test that I hate the new photobucket. Last night they tricked me into switching early and let me tell you, early is an understatement. How was I tricked? "Extra Storage". Old photobucket had unlimited, apparently new photobucket does not. Also, while trying to figure out how to alphabetize my albums I came across a list of 20 formerly-standard features they have yet to program into the new site. WTF?! Don't launch it if it's not ready you dumbasses! They're losing a LOT of users and if they don't A) fix the uploader so that it uploads into the proper folder and B) fix the alphabetizing; they'll be losing me as well. Just as soon as I can find another image hoster that will A) give me links so I can put my pictures onto my blog and B) let me set up folders/albums for my images to keep everything organized. Is this really so much to ask? Photobucket used to be the perfect image hoster! Used to be. Now it sucks. I don't need a social network image site, I'm on facebook thankyouverymuch. I just need an image hoster. Free, ability to alphabetize, with links, and folders. *sigh* I know I can "upload" to blogger, but so many blogs lose their images. Go through the archive of a blogger blog that's been up for a while. You'll find a ton of red Xs where images should be. Unacceptable. The worst thing? My Zoyas are coming in today and I'm going to have to put them on my stash page and my stash folder has over 600 images in it. Alphabetized the new ones are easy to find. With the new layout I'll be searching all night....

Difficulties aside I do still have a ton of pictures for today's post. Julep's Rebel. Julep dipped their toes into the holo world this month and managed a whole two. I have both and am showing you Rebel, "the silver one", today.

This is two coats that dried really quickly because.... it's matte? o_O Yes! Rebel is matte. Also, the holo is... kind of pastel? Pastel holo? Yeah, looks that way to me.

It is a linear holo (hurray!), but it's matte and kind of pastel. So weird! LOL I do have some different pics for you. First in the shade:

And in the dark with the flash.

I also added a layer of topcoat to my ring finger (the one on the right) and.... I dunno. It doesn't really look shinier, but it appears to have scattered the holo.

.....*shrugs* So weird. If you're not totally bored out of your skull I have a video, too:

*phew* That was a humongous pain. If anybody knows of a good, free image hosting site that meets my few very reasonable needs: I'm all ears! OMG! As far as using facebook to interact with users photobucket is the total opposite of Pure Ice. :p They've just sat back ignoring everyone's input and sticking to their shitty new version with a vengeance.

Okay.... what? Yeah. Like I mentioned in my rant, my Zoyas are out for delivery! :D Should be in my grabby little paws by 5:30pm CST at the latest! Yeah, we get our mail way late in the afternoon. No updates on the A Englands, but I have faith. OH! I can't believe I almost forgot!! Okay, sometime in the next few hours I'll be getting my bonus SwagBucks and cashing out to paypal. I found something in their rewards store that caught me totally off guard! In addition to having Sephora as a Shop & Earn partner, they also have Sephora gift cards!! Same exchange rate as paypal! So next 10,000SBs I can exchange for $100 Sephora gift card and get me some Illamasqua and Hello Kitty polishes totally guilt free!! In about three more months. :p Still, exciting!! I hope they still have Radium stocked on the site by then. hehehehe Is that enough to get you interested? Feel free to use my referral link and sign up! ;)

I guess I should go do dishes.... *ugh* Hope everyone's having a great week so far!


  1. I've only just started using photobucket as I'm over the limit on blogger and at first a lot of my images were okay but then after a while I'd go back through my archive since uploading with photobucket to find that the photos have vanished and replaced with that horrible 'Image not found' :/ it seems to be okay for now.

    I like the pastel holo as you call it, kind of nicer than an in your face holo. Oh my $100 sephora card....ys please :P

    1. Hopefully being new to photobucket will help make it easier for you. I'm used to the old way that it's been for 10+ years. :p I like the pastel holo, too. Something different. Also looking forward to the new ChG holos coming out in darker colors. Interesting things happening in the polish world. :D

  2. I didn't know Photobucket had unlimited storage. I haven't login for ages. next time I do I don't know how to do anything if they have a new layout. That's a gorgeous colour :)

    1. Yeah, photobucket used to be unlimited, but when I logged into the new version there's a 2.8Gig limit. :( Fortunately I resize everything and ALL of my blog pics are only taking up 28% so far. Oy... Glad you like Rebel. :)


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