Friday, February 22, 2013

Essence: Walk On The Wild Side & Sinful Colors: Green Ocean (With Opal Compare)

Ever have one of those days where nothing's even happened yet and you still just wish you hadn't woken up? Yup. Today is one of those days. Still I persevere and bring you some lovelies. Last night I said to myself "You know what? It's high time I started getting through some of these new essences that I was so excited about and just had to have". So we're starting off with two coats of essence Walk On The Wild Side.

I didn't have any issue with the jumbo brush, and the gorgeous shimmer didn't hide at all. Then... apparently it didn't dry quite as quickly as some of the others either since I have some sheet marks there.

Still pretty. And it fit my mood. :p Now, I was going to top this off with one of my Pure Ice glitters (I'll Behave), but it didn't look quite right. So I tested out Green Ocean and it looked lovely!

Green Ocean is a bit thick. There is a massive variety in the size of the flakies. This is both interesting to look at and also a bit problematic...

Some of the flakies, not necessarily the largest, don't lay flat. Even a layer of topcoat didn't fully fix this. So, the $10million question: How does it compare to Zoya's Opal?

You can tell by looking at the bottle that Green Ocean is not a $2 dupe for Opal. But that's only half the story, right? How do they compare on the nail?

I hate to say this, but they really don't compare. LOL They're both green flakies, sure, but Zoya's formula blows SC's out of the water. While the multi-size flakies are a bit more interesting to look at, Zoya's uniform flakies actually appear to be part of the polish underneath. Then there's the color. Opal is just more green than Green Ocean. I really need to get a new nail wheel so I can check these against each other over a variety of colors. :/

Okay, that's it for me. Need to start planning out my weekend, see what needs to be done and hope for some random goodness. Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll see you tomorrow.

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