Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Color Club: Kismet

Kismet is a word of Arabic origin meaning "fate" or "destiny". Totally appropriate, then, that Kismet the polish would be the green-toned holo!

....Can you tell it's greenish? Hold on....

There. On the bottle. LOL This is two coats and, yeah, the rainbow kind of overpowers the polish just a little. The holo in this is amazing! It is seriously there all the time. You can even kinda see it in the shade.

I'm almost afraid to go out to grab dinner later. Just might wreck from admiring my pretty pretty polish...

Yeah... no video. Sorry. Now that stupid photobucket has instituted a storage limit I have to take that into consideration. *grumbles* I'll see about doing it on one where the actual polish color is more predominant.

So.... yeah. I guess that's it. Had a lot of fun yesterday with the SwagBucks Birthday Bash. Made a ton of 'Bucks', too. A little over 1/4 of the way to Sephora! hehehehe Tomorrow is going to be another red WTF Wednesday. Just can't seem to purge them from my list... Then Thursday we're back to the textured Milanis. Jasmine from The Makeup File was asking how they looked with topcoat. I hadn't even thought to try! Then I did on my pinky and.... wow. It's pretty interesting. So we're going to do that on Thursday! :D Man, I wish I could take a nap, but I have to wake up early again tomorrow, so I'm going to try and power through the day. Hope everyone is having a great week! C'mon back for some snazzy red Pure Ice glitters tomorrow. lol


  1. Kismet is sooo pretty! My nails are too short right now for me to wear any of the color club halo hue colors and fully appreciate them... Have you seen the swatches for the China glaze hologlam collection yet? I'm a little disappointed that they aren't as holographic as the color club ones. Oh and random question but do you swatch your whole collection on swatch sticks or nail wheels for organization purposes?

    1. I'm actually looking forward to the China Glaze ones. They're a bit different and different is always good, imo. :) I'm actually just going through my collection bit by bit on my nails. I have a link to my collection at the top and each of those will eventually link back to their post here. It's a bit tedious, but eventually I'll be able to say "I have XXX polishes and I've worn them all!!! muahahahaha!!!" lol

    2. Oh as disappointed as I am with the finish you can bet I'm still going to pick some up lol. Just the more unique colors though...wish they weren't so expensive. Did you ever get that helmer for your collection?

    3. Nope, no Helmer yet. I've got some plastic drawer sets that are nearly full. Starting to run out of space in my little corner, though. Going to have to figure out where I'm going to put another one. ;)


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