Sunday, February 3, 2013

China Glaze: Def Defying & Whirled Away Matted

So Friday the lovely Abbie was kind enough to do a full swatch of Illamasqua Radium and, naturally, I fell in love. I have it sitting in my Sephora shopping cart waiting for me to decide it's worth $14. Which I probably will, but with shipping that's $21 and yeah I'm going to Georgetown next week, but.... it's so much money. :/ Think I'll just save up $50 and take advantage of some free shipping.

The point of that ("there was a point?" yes, there was a point) is that OMG Yay! I still had China Glaze Def Defying waiting ever so patiently to be worn.

Two coats. There was a bit of VNL but it was (surprisingly) more visible in real life than in the pictures.

Tiny gripe here. Why do people feel the need to open polish in the store? I live in a heavily military town (joined at the hip, really) and you would think that people would have more respect for things that don't belong to them. It never would occur to me to open a polish that I hadn't bought, let alone paint it all over the display. Yet so many people do... and that is how my bottle of Def Defying ended up a bit clumpy. *sigh* I do have some polish thinner left, but still. Brand new bottles shouldn't have chunks. Makes me want to buy exclusively online....

I think I may be jonesing for my Zoyas a bit because in spite of checking out swatches online I was kind of hoping... almost expecting Def Defying to be matte. Craving some flat matte I pulled out Whirled Away and applied a coat of that. Still unsatisfied I went over the whole shebang with some matte topcoat. Happy happy Lizzy right here.

I only managed three white glitters this time, despite my fishing efforts. That's okay, though. More for later.

So lovely! Almost makes up for a bit of confusing disappointment this morning. Finally managed enough on MyPoints to cash out $25 on amazon and.... they're snail mailing the gift card?! OMG Who does that?! I want the Glitz and Pieces polishes noooooooow..... :p So close to cashing out $100 on SwagBucks, but then I have to wait for that to process.... So much waiting! *GROANS* Adina posted up a pic of the boxes waiting for pick-up! So just have to wait for those to get to Llarowe then to me. So close. So very close. According to the FedEx tracker (which will hopefully *fingers crossed* pass off to the post office) my Zoyas should be here Tuesday. Tuesday!! Today is Sunday! Uhm, Metallic Monday will go on as planned tomorrow because I have a metallic Pure Ice that might not otherwise get swatched for ages. The mail doesn't get here until around 5pm so Tuesday I will have one of the Julep holos to share (hopefully the good, clear weather holds) and then Wednesday should be a WTF took so damn long Wednesday. lol Until then, be safe and happy polishing!


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