Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A England: Tess D'Urbervilles With Morgan Le Fay Star

Yes yes yes, I know I was supposed to do Nyx today, but yesterday I ended up bloated and hormonal and wanted a polish that better reflected my mood. When the Gothics collection was released the only two characters I was familiar with were Ophelia and Dorian Grey. So I researched the others and found that in a lot of ways I actually relate to and sympathise with Tess D'Urbervilles. Not all ways, but more than a few. So without further rambling, here is the lovely creation that she inspired:

Tess D'Urbervilles is a fantastic black polish with gorgeous mossy-emerald green shimmer. This is two coats, though I think one might have actualy been enough.

Since I turned around and made myself a liar I decided I should at least do some kind of nail art. So I pulled out Morgan Le Fay and my striping brush and added a little star accent.

It was at this point that the sun and clouds were fighting for dominance and, in the process, wreaking havok on my camera. :p

I like how it went on thick enough so that it looks sparkly white instead of translucent greenish.

I wish I could say that was all and round out with my normal spiel, but I feel the need to touch on the subject of Trolls.

Oh gee. "Yuck"? Seriously? That's a pretty strong reaction to some nail art. Despite my wonky emotional state this seriously made me laugh. I ran through about 20 different ways, in my head, to address this. What they all boiled down to was: I Don't Care. I'm not being paid to impress anybody. If I weren't raised with manners and etiquette I may have responded with, "Oh yeah! Well I hope my vomit inducing nail art haunts your nightmares you stupid Troll!", but as I said: I Don't Care. Cared even less after looking through her (public) profile pictures. lol What can I say? Curiosity got the best of me. I do what I do for the fun of doing it. Pure Ice liked it enough to share on their main feed and that's a win in my book. If people like what I do then great! That makes me a happy Lizzy. If people don't like it? Like my dad says, "Sometimes it be like that". I suppose that's my ultimate message here. There are always going to be people who don't like you, or something you've done or worn or said, for any number of reasons. Or no reason at all. Don't let it get to you; because "sometimes it be like that". Y'all take care out there. Be safe, especially if you're celebrating Fat Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow with a pre-Valentine's Day design. Just make sure to bring a bucket since, apparently, you never know. :p LOL


  1. Why have I never seen this?? Some poeple are just so inconsiderate/stupid trolls :P you reacted in a very calm and nice way so go you! Also 58 likes, she's probably just jealous or somethin'

    1. Aw Thanks. :D Yeah, some people just have to be mean on purpose. I don't know why...


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