Thursday, February 28, 2013

Milani: Purple Streak

Hello lovelies! Stayed up until almost 3am, but I did finally sleep through the night! :D Now I just have to keep myself awake through the day and try again. lol I think it may help that the SBTV mobile app actually played through last night without cutting off so I woke up with the full 50SBs head start! Yay!! Little less anxiety never hurt. So today we're checking out the second of my Milani Texture polishes Purple Streak.

Pretty! This is two coats and worked just as well as Aqua Splash, just that it's not as bright a color. Obviously. LOL

So neat. I love these textures! Which is going to be a double-edged sword with Zoya releasing more PixieDust colors for the summer.... But I'm getting side-tracked! As per request I have a shot of how the Milani Textures look with topcoat.

Ta-da! See how it looks smooth, but you can still see the texture underneath? It's like those art projects where you, ya know, have seashells or whatever and pour the acrylic over them so it's smooth, but 3D inside? You know... :p That's what it looks like. After the second layer of topcoat. The first one just sort of sinks in and makes it shiny, but still a little textured. So freakin' awesome.

Okay! So tomorrow is the first day of March (already?!) and I'm kicking off the month with some awesome green! Going to swatch Zoya Apple and try to pull off a gradient with Meg. My intention is to do a more interesting comparison between the two, but... I don't know how sponging is going to work with these metallicy polishes. We'll see! *fingers crossed* I haven't checked mine again in the past two days, but pictures are popping up of Walmarts now stocking the new Hard Candy polishes! Oh dear... lol HOPEFULLY they'll stay as well stocked as the old ones did in the past. I dunno about yours, but my old Hard Candy selection was always full with the same five or six colors. *fingers crossed*!!! ;) Also, Lacey just posted on her facebook that her Walmart right now has the new Pure Ice display's polishes dumped in one of those circular bins. WTF! Shameful, yes, but they're there. So there's still hope if you haven't been able to find them yet. Weekend's right around the corner, hope everyone is doing well and having a great week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finger Paints: Expressionist Red & Pure Ice: First Party & Your Place Or Mine LOL Oh man. I thought I was doing so good last night. Went to bed around 11pm and it didn't take me forever to fall asleep, then... sure enough... woke up at 1:30am. *facepalm* I stayed up to take my dad to the lot at 7am and then didn't end up falling back asleep until 10am!! I'm surprised I got all of my picture taking in, but I did. When I woke up at 3pm. -_- Not cool.

So what do we have today? Ah yes. Reds, reds and more reds. Starting with a surprise contender: Finger Paints Expressionist Red.

This is one coat... layered over Kismet. :p I know, I know. Bad Lizzy! I just couldn't handle any VNL. You can't really tell that it's layered over anything, though. Expressionist Red is more of a cream than a near-jelly like most of my basic reds. I was super impressed!

A word, however, on cleanup. *facepalm* I had the hardest time with this one! The polish is on the thick side and it's so pigmented! After my normal clean-up round my fingers looked like they had been dunked in blood. So I let that dry and then went around again with 100% acetone on a q-tip to clean up my poor fingers. I had to! You know me, normally I'll just leave it and be all "clean-up was a problem", but this was just too terrible. lol

Glitter time! One coat of Pure Ice First Party:

First Party is great as a basic red glitter in a clear base. This would be perfect over a green cream for Christmas. Gotta love glitters in a clear base.

Pretty. On the other end I've got one coat of Your Place Or Mine which is a red jelly-like base with red micro-glitters.

Your Place Or Mine went on really smooth and didn't take ages to dry. Not topcoat, no sheet marks. Impressive.

So there we go getting three whole reds out of the way. Not terribly offensive ones, either. For being such a basic red polish, I really found myself liking Expressionist Red. Maybe I'm growing and learning to appreciate reds on their own merit? Or maybe I just really like the fact that it wasn't insanely sheer. ;)

Guess what! Zoya's got another promo going on! Until March 3 if you spend $20 on and enter SHARON in the code box you get a free bottle of Sharon (orange) and free shipping! WHAT?! I wasn't going to do it, thought I was doing good saving money by not taking the Julep box, but then I told Aaron and he's all "Well, if it's limited and been discontinued before then you might not have another chance so you should get it." Aw! *hearts* So then I sat here for nearly an hour trying to figure out which colors to get. I decided on Ziv (gold), Cheryl (brown, but also the name of the girl you're looking for in the first Silent Hill game), and Manhatten Mixer (a deranged yellow-green shimmer deal). Plus my free Sharon. Which is also funny because I've been watching a ton of South Park in preparation for the upcoming game release. ;) OMG! So my order already shipped. If I'm lucky it will get here before the 5th and I can wear Sharon to go pick up my game. hehehehe "DAMNIT, SHARON! You just don't understand!" LMAO!!! So no one else will know. I'll know and that's what matters.

Uhm.... I think that's it. Tomorrow is the second Milani Texture polish. With and without topcoat this time. ;) If the purple doesn't create the same neato effect I was seeing on the teal, then I'll do a nail with that specifically to show you. Cuz I'm all nice like that. LOL Hope everyone's having a great middle-of-the-week!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Color Club: Kismet

Kismet is a word of Arabic origin meaning "fate" or "destiny". Totally appropriate, then, that Kismet the polish would be the green-toned holo!

....Can you tell it's greenish? Hold on....

There. On the bottle. LOL This is two coats and, yeah, the rainbow kind of overpowers the polish just a little. The holo in this is amazing! It is seriously there all the time. You can even kinda see it in the shade.

I'm almost afraid to go out to grab dinner later. Just might wreck from admiring my pretty pretty polish...

Yeah... no video. Sorry. Now that stupid photobucket has instituted a storage limit I have to take that into consideration. *grumbles* I'll see about doing it on one where the actual polish color is more predominant.

So.... yeah. I guess that's it. Had a lot of fun yesterday with the SwagBucks Birthday Bash. Made a ton of 'Bucks', too. A little over 1/4 of the way to Sephora! hehehehe Tomorrow is going to be another red WTF Wednesday. Just can't seem to purge them from my list... Then Thursday we're back to the textured Milanis. Jasmine from The Makeup File was asking how they looked with topcoat. I hadn't even thought to try! Then I did on my pinky and.... wow. It's pretty interesting. So we're going to do that on Thursday! :D Man, I wish I could take a nap, but I have to wake up early again tomorrow, so I'm going to try and power through the day. Hope everyone is having a great week! C'mon back for some snazzy red Pure Ice glitters tomorrow. lol

Monday, February 25, 2013

Milani: Aqua Splash

Yep, just the one. :p To be honest, I've been having such a hard time sleeping. Because of this I find myself sleeping in bursts throughout the day. Which is not really a problem, just that today is SwagBucks' birthday and they're doing this big thing with a 150SB goal and I've been getting really into my Sims... So I just wanted to make sure I got this up and out of the way (*GASP*) early in case I end up napping away the rest of my daylight. Which... I may.

So today we're looking at the Milani Textured entry into the textured polish boom. I, for one, am loving it. I'm especially loving that while OPI and Zoya decided to go for sparkly texture, Milani kept it simple with textured creams. For your viewing pleasure: Aqua Splash. "The teal one".

The texture in this is about the same as the Zoya PixieDusts, except that it's a bit smoother feeling without the glitter. I was a little concerned because as I was applying it I could see the white "texture stuff", but it appears to have more or less all covered over with polish. Any white or light bits aren't readily noticeable in real life from a reasonable distance. :p Oh yeah, this is two coats. No topcoat.

Wanna know what I love best about this polish? The amazing story I get to share. lol I went to get my front two tires replaced this morning, bright and early. The guy that worked on my car came in to give me the rundown and I swear to you, this is what happened: "So we got your car taken care of. Moved the back tires to the front and Oh my god I love your nail polish!" "Thank you :D" "Then we put the new ones on the back, filled up your spare and you're ready to go. :)" LOL!!! Totally made it worth getting up early and handling my business like a responsible adult. Ya know, that and the whole avoiding a blowout thing.

So I've got Wednesday planned out. Going to go after those red glitters again. No idea what I'm doing tomorrow. Maybe I'll check the weather (like a resposible adult :p) and see if we can't start working on these backed up holos! My goodness. Color Club, A England, Julep, Butter London, Zoya, Piggy Polish (sorta).... I've got holos enough to last nearly two full weeks!

.....okay, been sitting here for 10 minutes just staring at the screen trying to think of something else to say and I gots nuthin'. LOL I'm gonna take another nap and hope I don't miss too much on SwagBucks. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2013

LA Colors: Lightning & China Glaze: Glitz 'N Pieces

LMAO!! Hello lovelies! This combination was not my original intention. I had decided on Lightning because I was just feeling the need for neon PINK, but then I was sitting here thinking what other polish I could link. Suddenly, like lightning, it hit me! This combo is perfect and makes me smile every time I look at it. Starting with one coat (probably should have used two since I thinned it) of Snow Me White and two coats of LA Colors Lightning.

Lightning is definitely PINK. Just what I needed. My camera was, apparently, dazzled by brightness. Just look for the pink parts, and that's what Lightning looks like.

PINK!! Definitely no missing this one.

So I recently got the "70s, 80s & 90s Stuff" pack for my Sims and could not resist dressing my Sim up in fabulous 80s neon. I think she triggered the decision to use Glitz 'N Pieces.

Black and silver multi-glitters over neon pink? If this is wrong, I do not want to be right. I absolutely love this! LOL

It did seem like Glitz 'N Pieces was darkening up Lightning a bit, so I did a little comparison:

If it does it's only by a little bit. I think the black and silver is mostly creating an optical illusion or something. Definitely still eye-popping neon.

Sandy and I were conferring last night about the textured Milanis. Since I double-checked the display (only red, fuschia and yellow left) and decided I have the ones I want, I'm going to go ahead and swatch one or two of those tomorrow. :) We'll see! I've been trying not to (since I have to wake up early tomorrow), but I need a nap. Just a quick one.... *fingers crossed* Take care, y'all! Hope everyone's had a great weekend. :D

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sinful Colors: Ciao Bella & Pure Ice: Never Satisfied & It's Complicated

Yup! I did it. Oh, quick thing I forgot to mention yesterday. Upon closer inspection Green Ocean is only half-flakie. The smaller bits are actually irridescent glitters. Not really a game-changing revelation, but I thought I'd mention it anyways.

So, you'll notice today is not a "pure" Sinful Saturday. I trust that's not a problem for anybody? lol I am starting off with a base of two coats of Ciao Bella.

I picked this one up thanks to tons of online raves. I wish one of those raves would have mentioned the fact that it's a jelly!!! So there you go. I mentioned it. Thankfully I noticed this during application and remembered my topcoat or who knows what this would have looked like by the time I got around to taking pictures.

This one also looks better indoors. I don't like what sunlight does to jellies. :p Indoors Ciao Bella is a gorgeous glowing blue sapphire. Regardless, I decided it would make a nice, dark base for two of my glitters.

Starting with one coat of Never Satisfied.

Never Satisfied is kinda funky cool. Teeny blue glitters and small red, pink and gold glitters. Interesting combination.

It's Complicated, in my opinion, is even cooler. A rainbow confetti of glitters.

hehehehe So much fun!!! It's like a party on my nails.

I did have a teensy problem with my hand shaking because it was trying so hard to behave for the pictures (poor, poor right hand), but I did get a pretty awesome out-of-focus shot for ya.

Every cloud, eh?

So guess what! They still had purple!

Now I have the three that I wanted. There's also a yellow and two kinds of red. As if that's necessary.... whatever. Hard Candy is revamping their entire line and there are a crapton of new polishes coming out. Walmart exclusive so I guess we'll have to see how well that works out. Also, I forgot to mention, since SC put out their line of pastels I decided to skip March's Julep box. Pastels. They did have a green and gold polish for St Patricks Day, but.... yeah. Green and gold. *ugh* I just couldn't make myself get it. So I'm not. :) lol We'll see what April offers. Also I have my Nail Art Society box coming next month so that should give me some green goodies to play with.... OMG Cleaned up my area and still can't find my missing doodads!! :( Maybe they fell behind my computer or something.

Yeah, I'm rambling. Got my nails all prepped for some eye-bursting neon goodness tomorrow. I'll see ya there! Hope everyone's having a great weekend. :D

Friday, February 22, 2013

Essence: Walk On The Wild Side & Sinful Colors: Green Ocean (With Opal Compare)

Ever have one of those days where nothing's even happened yet and you still just wish you hadn't woken up? Yup. Today is one of those days. Still I persevere and bring you some lovelies. Last night I said to myself "You know what? It's high time I started getting through some of these new essences that I was so excited about and just had to have". So we're starting off with two coats of essence Walk On The Wild Side.

I didn't have any issue with the jumbo brush, and the gorgeous shimmer didn't hide at all. Then... apparently it didn't dry quite as quickly as some of the others either since I have some sheet marks there.

Still pretty. And it fit my mood. :p Now, I was going to top this off with one of my Pure Ice glitters (I'll Behave), but it didn't look quite right. So I tested out Green Ocean and it looked lovely!

Green Ocean is a bit thick. There is a massive variety in the size of the flakies. This is both interesting to look at and also a bit problematic...

Some of the flakies, not necessarily the largest, don't lay flat. Even a layer of topcoat didn't fully fix this. So, the $10million question: How does it compare to Zoya's Opal?

You can tell by looking at the bottle that Green Ocean is not a $2 dupe for Opal. But that's only half the story, right? How do they compare on the nail?

I hate to say this, but they really don't compare. LOL They're both green flakies, sure, but Zoya's formula blows SC's out of the water. While the multi-size flakies are a bit more interesting to look at, Zoya's uniform flakies actually appear to be part of the polish underneath. Then there's the color. Opal is just more green than Green Ocean. I really need to get a new nail wheel so I can check these against each other over a variety of colors. :/

Okay, that's it for me. Need to start planning out my weekend, see what needs to be done and hope for some random goodness. Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll see you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A England: Iseult +Sponged French

OMG You guuuuyyyeeeeeesssss. :( I am going to show you some things that should, by all rights, be far prettier than they are. If anybody else has Iseult and Morgan Le Fay and nails that aren't seriously stained yellow, could you please try this so I can see it? Please?

I started off with two coats of Iseult which is a delicate shimmery pink. It's a bit sheer, but it's supposed to be. Because it's delicate and dainty.

And obviously far too nice a color for my nails. :( The formula was amazing, not streaky or anything! This really kinda makes me wanna dunk my fingers in bleach....

Then I had this brilliant idea. Since my previous sponging went so well and since my last Morgan Le Fay design turned out so nicely white and opaque, I'd combine the two in a super delicate sparkly sponged french.

I will say this looks totally fabulous indoors by the light of my pc, but the sun's harsh rays just shoot right through to the ugliness beneath. *cries*

I topcoated to smooth everything out. If anybody can re-create this on unstained nails please drop by with the link or email me or facebook me. Whatever it takes because I want to see this as pretty as it should be! I'm just.... so upset with myself over this.... I need a minute....

*deep breath*

Okay, so every time I tell myself I have enough polish to work with and won't need to buy anymore I get turned into a liar. :p Yesterday I mentioned picking up some Sinful Colors pastels and here they are:

Also, while I was at HEB they had a $2 off Milani coupon so I picked up another textured cream for $1.99!

Yeah, that's my Collection Page thumbnail. :p No sense getting more behind on sharing. If they still have the color and coupon tomorrow I'll pick up the purple as well. Because, ya know, if they still have it then it's meant to be. lol Uhm... I think that's it. Already over 2000SBs so I'm off to a great start on my next super-splurge. No idea what I'm going to wear tomorrow... *shrugs* Hope everyone's having a great week. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pure Ice: En Vogue & Essence: Copper'ize Me!

OMG! I think this Wednesday decided to WTF me! LOL My intention was to get the two red Pure Ice glitters out of the way. I thought I would accomplish this by layering them over another unswatched Pure Ice, En Vogue, but that was not as red as my collection page bottle shot led me to believe...

Instead En Vogue is a lovely one coat burnt sienna kind of color. Which is coming off more red in the picture than it actually is.... *facepalm*

I really like this. Kinda orange, but not really. Regardless, I didn't think it would make a very good base for either of my red glitters. It would, however, make a good base for essence Copper-ize Me!.

Or so I thought? This glitter is a lot more odd than I thought. It's got a bunch of teensy red glitter and slightly bigger blue and silver glitters. This is two coats.

Sorry these pictures aren't great, it's been cold all day and I was shivering. :p Bottle shot!

It's kinda cool.... just very very weird.

So. I went on my mission yesterday and was successful! I found a full St Patrick's Day display and grabbed one Green Ocean. When I got home I thought I'd see how it looks next to Opal.

Look different to me. ;) No worries, I'll do a comparison when I get around to wearing it. Because.... while I was out today I couldn't stop myself from picking up four of the new Sinful Colors pastels. Purple, blue, pink and orange. The yellow was Unicorn and I didn't see a green. I may pick up the darker blue, purple and pink.... maybe. I like how these go together, though, and definitely see an "Easter Egg" water marble in their future.

Wow, started typing this at 10am and now it's almost 8pm. Spent the day helping Aaron's cousin move into his new house. He's out at the moment so I think I'm going to try and take a nap. lol Hope everyone's having a great week.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sinful Colors: Ocean Side & Models Own: Freak Out

Hey guys. I'm going to make this quick so I can get dressed and go on the hunt for Green Ocean. Lacey found hers and cleared out the display. I need to search before someone does that to mine. -_- Okay, so I'm starting off with one coat of Ocean Side.

Yep, I said "one coat". Very pigmented, but not so much that it stained during cleanup. :D Fabulous! I love the gorgeous Pacific blue.

And it makes the perfect complimentary base for Freak Out!

Models Own put out these "Mirror Ball" polishes with disco names and I love them so much. I gets the disco fever from time to time. lol

So many interesting glitters. I don't know if it entirely reminds me of a disco-ball, but it's still super cool.

Okay, sorry, but I have a mission. Tomorrow I think is going to be another red WTF Wednesday. Hope everyone's having a great week!