Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wet n Wild: Caribbean Frost, Bijou Blue & Hollywood Walk Of Fame

*phew* Definite mouthful there. lol If you hadn't guessed, as I was scrolling down my stash collection page I realized "WTF? I have a ton of Wet n Wilds there...." So here they are! It's been raining (and oh-so cold!) all day so I'm indoors with flash again. Tried to spotlight, but I don't have one of those "natural light" lightbulbs in the spotlight so the pics are a bit crunchy, but the polish looks good. As an added bonus I have some amazing polish news if you can make it to the end. :D I guess you could just skip down, but why would you want to miss my awesomesauce commentary? hehehehe

Okay! First up I have two polishes from the "Wild Shine" line. Caribbean Frost:

Two coats, lovely green. I actually got this along with Blue Moon and French White Creme for my very first water marble!! OMG Almost a whole year ago?! Dang...

And Bijou Blue:

A lovely blue shimmer. A bit sheer after two coats, but still pretty. Definitely jewel-like.

These two kept looking rather similar, and I wasn't sure how it would come across without sunlight, so I went ahead and did a comparison:

Awesome. I picked up Hollywood Walk of Fame back when I picked up Glowstick (back in August) and... I'm just full of polish memory today, aren't I? LOL Here's Hollywood Walk Of Fame over Caribbean Frost:

Ok, I didn't shake it because I figured having the stars more compacted would make them easier to fish out of the bottle. I assume they were... even so I did have to fish and only managed to pull out a couple of stars which didn't come off the brush until the 4th or 5th swipe and I still had to move them around a bit. .....totally worth it!

In addition to the stars there is also teeny circle and bar glitters; and despite the formula's thickness it didn't take too long to dry! Pretty impressive.

If you actually managed to struggle through my "early" morning ramblings... awesome! I lurves you, too. :) If not, I guess I can't stop you from peeping at the polish news to follow. LOL

First up is something just.... mindblowing from Adina and A England!!!

WHAT?! On top of that, every polish is on sale for £6!!! *dies* (announced on facebook this morning) Waiting on paypal and then I'm ordering "U" (Guinevere, Ascalon and Iseult... the only combo of which I don't already own one :p) and St George. I wish I was cashed out and could afford to go buck wild, but those 4 (plus Dragon) will have to do...

I also have two goodies from Pure Ice! First up, a contest:

I've got a couple of ideas I'm working on to commemorate Austin. I hope I can pull it off. Could you imagine? 100 Pure Ice polishes?! If I don't win, that's okay. I got another PR email concerning Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year. As I was responding to that I got a response email concerning the broken Five Some. They'll be resending that under it's new name and sending me the VDay/New Year polishes as well! I didn't even ask yet!! :D I feel so special. Doesn't quite make up for not being able to talk to my chat buddy, but it eases the sting.

Alrighty. I had to wake up early to take my mom in for lab work so I'm going to take a nap while I have the chance. Tomorrow I'm thinking Elephant Walk and Whirled Away. Inspired by the total greyness this week. Y'all be safe out there! Hope you're having a great week. :)


  1. Love Carribean frost! So pretty :) you're very lucky that you can get all those polishes!

    1. Thanks! It's nice to kinda feel like a somebody. Even if it is by the second cheapest brand available. ;) LOL

  2. Happy New Year Lizzy. Love the metallic green with the stars on top


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