Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sinful Colors: Jungle Trail +Dots

Oh! OH! Devestation!! Poor Adina has been working very hard to fill all of the promo orders and now she's run into yet another road block. Her post office (or whatever they call them in England) has been really cool about getting her polishes shipped to us in the past, but new international shipping regulations regarding polish have put a stop to that. Packages are now being scanned (more regularly than they have in the past) and destroyed when they are found to contain nail polish. Freakin' nail polish!! This... I just... what? I mean... ok, so it's technically flammable, but seriously? I smoke and paint my nails all the time (in a seriously unventilated room) and have yet to spontaneously combust. Probably not doing a lot for my brain cells, but you get my point. My point is "What's the point?!". As much polish as has been shipped worldwide if it was a problem then it would be an obvious problem at this point. Right? Planes dropping out of the sky left and right, trucks combusting on the highway for no reason. I said it on her facebook and I'll say it here: If I have to pay for international shipping to complete my A England collection; I will! I don't care! It's already the most expensive polish I buy and I still don't care. Adina is amazing and, yes, her polish is that good. We're supposed to be working towards a more interconnected Earth and yet... this is very disconnecting. I can not believe that it's really a safety issue. I just can't. So frustrating. Unfortunately this also means that when I do end up doing my giveaway I won't be able to open it internationally either and that makes me so sad!! :( Some of my most loyal and long-term readers are overseas. *cries* Almost makes me not want to do it because of that, but that doesn't seem fair either.... *sigh* Fortunately nobody's been really assy on the A England facebook page, so much support all around, but if Adina's anything like me then that's equally frustrating not wanting to let such supportive people down... Hopefully she can find a way to make it work that doesn't sour her on polish making. Good luck, Adina!!

Ok, that ended up longer and more ranty than I expected. What are we doing today? Oh yes! Sinful Saturday. As much as I wanted to knock more than one polish off of my Untrieds list, I really want to do more art (so I can get better) so I've only got one today. Jungle Trail.

This is.... two coats. Two kind of thickish coats because I find myself getting more and more frustrated with streaky starts. :p I think I may have enough grey creams to better accomplish my greyscale ombre by now, but... then I look at ones like this and it's got kind of a brown/green/khaki undertone in certain lights and it makes me wonder... LOL

Today's dots were actually kind of fun. I didn't quite manage to get them all the same size, but... at least they don't look totally random!

I started with a row of Muse dots along the cuticle and outside edge, then followed that same line with a row of Lavendar dots. :) Both Sinful Colors polishes.

Look at that. Subtle, but not invisible! I can learn. ;) LOL I didn't topcoat because I'm not really worried about these dots flaking off. It's a good thing I didn't go holo today because it's a bit grey outside again. I want to wear Aurora tomorrow (the Zoya one, not the Cherimoya one), but I'm scared... What if there's no sun?!

Oh my and there's another concern... what if this shipping business doesn't get sorted? I'm so close to cashing out my SwagBucks. I guess there are a ton of China Glazes I could get instead... I've got a couple of weeks to think about it. We'll see what happens. lol Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'll be here. Glued to facebook. Still waiting on that Zoya order to ship, too.... -_-


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