Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sinful Colors: HD Nails, Lavendar & Thimbleberry

*YAWNS*..... Oh hi! :) Sorry, I'm a bit sleepy. lol Ended up with 5 hours of sleep. If Aaron rolls out of my spot by the time I'm done I'll be taking a nap. My dad smokes in the cat (/storage/nap/smoke) room so no napping in there this weekend. Just because I don't want to be in his way. :p On this glorious (and once again overcast) Sinful Saturday I have three polishes to show you. No art today, but that's because I wanted to post up early so I could get a head start on tomorrows endeavor. After my nap... lol

I'm actually starting with the "bonus swatch". I did this one yesterday while I was sitting here bored with nothing to do. HD Nails was a bit of a disappointment. Looking at the bottle I was expecting a metallic...

This is after three coats. Coverage was a bit hit-and-miss. Pretty color, but... not quite was flashy as I was hoping.

Ok, what I was going to do was a hand-alternating striped mani with these next two colors. Picture it, in your mind. lol First up is Lavendar.

Pretty, subdued lavendar cream. Two coats. Definitely glad I picked this one up.

Yeah... that one's a little out of focus. Sorry. I said I was sleepy. :p The other stripe color I was going to use is Thimbleberry. It's coming off red, but it's really more of a near-neon melonish color.

And it's a bit sheer. Three coats. Nice and bright, though. :D

I did say I was going to try and remember to get pictures of my super stained nails, didn't I? Are you ready for this? It's pretty bad....

EEEEEEEEK!!!!!! LOL I keep wondering if I forgot to basecoat my thumbnail at some point. O_o Now some goodness to try and scrub that image from your eyeballs. I got some nail mail yesterday!!

Yay! If you recall, these are sent for Valentine's Day and the upcoming Chinese New Year. Which is February 2nd (I believe) so that will come first.... The ones circled on the right are new colors (including Spitfire which I've been meaning to pick up forever!) and the ones on the left are duplicates of colors I already have. So those will be set aside for a future giveaway! Exciting, right? Not near as exciting as having my theory very nearly proven correct. As promised Five Some (now called Private Party) was included. So.... just exactly how close is it to The Black Knight?

.....can you see a difference? Because I can not. I will, once it's sunny again, swatch them together on my nails and get them out into the sun. As far as this, though, I feel pretty confident saying that Private Party is a $2 The Black Knight. Which is pretty impressive. And a little sad. I don't regret paying $12 for The Black Knight (love the name!!), but... wow. lol

And....... he totally hasn't moved. Guess I'll work on updating my collection page and hope he does. If not I may have to gently nudge him back onto one side of the bed. :p I've got a lot of nail art to try and pull off between today and tomorrow so I don't know if I'll be posting late or not. Not that anyone notices when I post.... LOL Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


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