Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sinful Colors: Exotic Green & Super Star

In case anybody is neurotically following me in the shadows and not commenting (don't be ashamed, I'm pretty neurotic, too) I will get to yesterday's essence tomorrow. ;) Today, however, is Sinful Saturday! So Sinful Colors it is. Starting with two coats of Exotic Green.

I believe Crayola calls this "Jungle Green". lol Very nice, very smooth.

Super Star is kind of an odd glitter topcoat. It's got a sheer blue base, tiny green glitters and medium purples glitters. Sounds really cool, right?

The overall effect is kind of... odd?

That's in the sun. You can barely see the green glitters. In the shade, they're everywhere!

I still had some blue on my thumb, so let's see what that looks like. In the sun:

And in the shade:

I don't even know what to say. I have mixed feelings. I really like it in theory (purple and green, what's not to love?), but... the execution... is odd. :p You know what would have been cool? Small purple and green glitter with medium orange glitters. Nice secondary color round-up.

I did mention that I have Dragon. I managed to get swatch pics to last me through Monday so I can just sit and enjoy it for a couple of days. ;) According to Zoya's facebook the Pixie Dust should be ready to start shipping by middle of next week! *fingers crossed* I feel like I've been waiting forever. lol I think now I'm going to get to painting and work on the magician Sim that I had fully intended to spend yesterday with. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Be safe and take care.

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