Sunday, January 13, 2013

#PureIceMyCity Entry

Hi everybody! First, let me get this official stuff out of the way.

1. My Name: Lizzy (of Lizzy's Place)
2. Town/City/State: Austin, TX!!
3. Why You Like It: SO many reasons! Which I will get to.

I think this is the most time I've ever spent on one mani. I was only going to do one hand, but then I kept getting ideas...

I did my thumbs, too, but they weren't long enough to make it into that picture. :p All together this represents five painstaking hours trying to do Austin some justice. So what did I use?

Two striping brushes, two dotting tools, some tape (which I forgot to stick in there), four stamping plates and 22 Pure Ice polishes. O_o By the time I was finished I used: Platinum Magic Base Coat as a base on all nails, Iced Copper, Bite Me, First Time, Emerald Crush, Cheatin, Stop Flirtin, French Kiss, Cherries On Top, Playtime, Party Hard, Silver Mercedes, Outrageous, Naughty Girl, Excuse Me, Electrafy Me, First Party, DJ Spinner, Wild Thing, Splash, Mint Dream, and Viva Las Vegas. *phew*

Ok, next some "claw" shots in sunlight and shade and then I'll get into the details. Good? Good. :)

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

So, what do I like about Austin? Only everything. LOL

Austin is the art and music center of Texas. Artists of all kinds have been flocking here for over a century. It's cultivated it's own identity and makes no apologies for it. My middle finger there represents The Museum Of The Weird which showcases a private collection of oddities and photography is encouraged! I love that place. My favorite is the jackalope but I knew I'd bork that so I went with a shrunken head and (my 2nd favorite) the furry trout. Next is the bats which reside under the Congress Bridge. It is reported as the largest urban bat colony in North America and people flock to the bridge in the summer to watch the (estimated) 1.5 million bats fly out at night. Of course my pinky there is a mini representation of the state flag since Austin is the state capital. (Not Dallas; Austin lol)

Keep Austin Weird isn't just some random slogan. It's a movement and a way of life. No matter what you look like or what you're into, you never have to feel out of place.

Of course you can't mention Austin without covering UT (University of Texas). I don't follow football so I can't tell you if their team is any good, but we took several field trips there because they have an extensive library and an amazing art program sponsoring several museums. If you graduate from their liberal arts program they have a team in place to get you a job! How cool is that? My ring finger represents Wheatsville. A little co-op that we stop by when we visit Austin with Brak. Wheatsville means "Austin Day" when she's here. My middle finger is a bit abstract. It represents the feelings of peace and safety I get when we visit. I'm nervous by nature and you will rarely catch me wandering through a big city; Austin is the exception. I never worry parking my car on the street and never question if I'll make it back. My index finger is some stamped flowers for the lovely botanical gardens (whose name escapes me) we visited during a high school field trip.

Last, but not least. Sure there are some gay bars (so I've heard, I've never been), but this is more for the colorful characters and general attitude in Austin. Live and let live. Also, the Alamo Drafthouse still shows Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday. ;) What's not to love!

So there you have it. My personal tribute to (in my opinion) the best city in America. Where people can be who they are and still have a sense of community and connectedness. Where you can marvel at the architecture without getting mugged. Where as weird as it is and as hard as it fights the stereotypes, you still know you're in Texas. I may not live there (yet), but Austin is definitely "My City".


  1. You have such neat handwriting! I love the right middle finger, it looks like a wave to me :) very cool.

    1. Thank you. :D It does kinda look like a wave! That is pretty cool.... LOL!!


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