Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pure Ice: Spitfire & Pout (+Yumi Compare)

Hello darling persons. :) Have I got some coolness to share with you today. Pure Ice sent some polishes to work on Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day designs. It's not quite time for that yet, but I just couldn't resist swatching a couple for you. Which brings me a little WTF lead-up story.

Apparently once upon a time Pure Ice released crackle combos. Not the wicked awesome color-changing liquid vinyl combos. Regular crackle. I totally missed these in the store so I'm super excited to have two of them now! In today's WTF story, however, the crackle is secondary. The primary WTF? is the paired base. A glitter that I've been eyeing forever and yet to pick up. WTF? Glitter? Given the textural differences in glitter polishes (and the fact that some of them are nearly impossible to get smooth) I guess I just kind of assumed that crackling over glitter would be problematic. Pure Ice didn't think so, so I figured I'd go ahead and give it a shot. Worst case scenario would be it not working and I've already dealt with that so let's dive in!

Ok, Spitfire is not a full cover glitter, so I decided to help it out with some undies. Now, I chose essence Iced Latte because Spitfire reminded me so much of Yumi that I wanted to go with something neutralish.

*ppfffft* How weird does that look? Not quite mannequin, but dang. LOL That's two coats of Iced Latte. The first was really streaky and uneven which surprised me.

Okay, back to the Pure Ice. I went with two coats of Spitfire to make sure everything was extra sparkly.

Spitfire has some pink and silver tiny glitters and slightly bigger silver holo glitters.

So pretty.

Yumi was pretty, too, right? Ok, so how close are they really?

Ok, they don't look identical in the bottles. Although that could be my spazziness and putting one in the other's shadow. :p

Ok, the first thing we're looking at here is the base. Spitfire has a slightly tinted base whereas Yumi is straight up clear. Or, at least, way less tinted.

I don't know if it's a result of the base, or an actual color difference, but the pinkish glitters in Spitfire come off way more pinkish.

Also, Yumi appears to have more of the silver glitters. Actually, I would say that Yumi is more densely glittered than Spitfire, but that could be because it's an older bottle that has had more time to settle. So I won't say that. I will say, however, that they are close. Very close. Not dupes. I hate to put it like this because Pure Ice has been very good to me, but if you can't fathom paying for Yumi, then Spitfire would be a very good knock-off. Only the most nit-picky individual would be able to tell the difference and only if they knew what to look for. Seriously? It's just nail polish. Who would even do that?! LOL

*ahem* Back to the crackle! I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats wondering how this turned out. Or you totally forgot. Either way, here it is!

Pure Ice Pout. First I should mention that Spitfire wasn't very textured at all and one layer of topcoat had it nearly 100% smooth. So other glitters may react differently. As far as this combo goes: crackle perfection!

I love this effect!! Even with a finalizing topcoat the glitter manages to fortify the 3D-ness of the crackle in a way that even shimmer polish doesn't. Yeah, it's super cool to topcoat the crap out of crackle so that it looks like it's part of the polish underneath, this is cool, too. And it's not like trying to crackle a water marble or something where the underlying design gets totally lost and it looks like a random mess.

Ok, I said I've got more crackle fun coming, and I do! The particular idea I have in my head is going to be a bit of a pain, but it should be so worth it. If not.... well.... then we'll know. XD I'll explain tomorrow however it turns out. Come on back! Let's see if I can't start changing some minds about the usefulness and versatility of crackle polish. ;) LOL Hope everyone out there is having a great week.


  1. Crack over glitter is an excellent idea! I did see those PI duos in a random Walgreens--really wish PI had more distribution channels; it's often so hard for me to find their stuff.

    1. OMG Me, too!! We have one Walmart that is usually very good about putting out the new collections, but the other three nearby really don't. It's quite frustrating. Hopefully since they're revamping the line and coming out with new and interesting polishes they'll become more widely distributed. *fingers crossed*

  2. I like the pure ice glitter a lot. I have a crakle glitter need to use it again:)

    1. I love the glitter crackles! :D Such a neat effect.


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