Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pure Ice: Private Show VS. Butter London: The Black Knight

I said I was going to get a proper comparison and wouldn't ya know? I did! Check out my original The Black Knight post by clicking that link there. Got it? Alright, now let's check out Private Show.

Ok, if you were to save those two pictures (if you do, please don't steal them) and bring them up side by side they may look a little different. The Black Knight was photographed last July and it's currently January. Still, if you look you can see that Private Show has the same black base and red, pink, blue and silver/gold glitters.

Or maybe you can't... I'm glad I don't swatch Indies cuz my camera is a bit of a mess. If people could stop putting out awesome colors and great sales I could buy a new one. :p

Anyway, that's my left hand. That's just Private Show. Before I get to my right (comparison) hand, let's look at the bottles.

In the bottles they look different. That's okay, though. Sometimes glitter (and shimmer) stick to the sides, sometimes they don't. Polish quirk. Check this out:

Eh? Still not convinced? Alright, let's see how they look on the nails in the same sun:

Can you guess which is which? Maybe if we get a little closer?

Can you tell? C'mon, it should be easy. One polish is $2 and the other is $12. Perhaps the shade?

Aaron swears that the Butter London has a bit more glitter than the Pure Ice. I've been eyeing this polish from every conceivable angle and distance in every light available to me and if I didn't know which polish I put on which nails I would not be able to guess. This is three coats of each, basecoat and one layer of topcoat. They have the same texture, same ease of clean-up, same drying time. Ready to see if you guessed correctly?

And again in the shade.

One more shot on my white palette with the flash.

Am I crazy or do they look identical to you, too? I'm no expert, but I'm going to go ahead and say if you like the look of The Black Knight but can't fathom spending $12 on one bottle of polish, pick up Private Show instead. And, hey, while you're at it you can pick up five more Pure Ices and get 6 for the price of 1. :p

Yes, I have gotten some free Pure Ices recently. No, they did not ask me to do this comparison. I just had to see for myself. It's uncanny! Lots of times you'll get "it's close, but..." and I can't see a "but" here. If you see something I'm missing then, by all means, let me know! I'm a big advocate for "cheaper is just as good", but for 1/6 the price I almost feel like I'm missing some difference. LOL Great job, Pure Ice.

Now, I'm going to go out and get some walking in while it's fairly nice out. Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. Great comparison, to me they both look identical as well.

  2. That's so cray how similar they identical! Which one do you prefer though? ;)

    1. Oooooh good question! I dunno, they are pretty identical. LOL I did pay $12 for the Butter London..... ;)


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