Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pure Ice: Peep Show, Silver Lining & Tinsel Town

.......? Anybody else notice something different about the blogger posting box? This is going to take some getting used to. -_- Wish people would quit changing things that AREN'T BROKEN!!! *ahem* Sorry. :D In the realm of changing things that are broken, Adina has come up with a temporary solution to her shipping problem and will be bulk sending everything to Llarowe who will forward the individual packages to the rest of us. Apparently Ninja Polish also stepped up with an offer to do so. I think I would have preferred them, but... nobody asked my opinion. :p Still nothing on my Zoyas! *grumbles* So let's move on to polishes I do have from a company that, in my opinion, is really coming up in the polish world. If it's just me, then at least they're trying like hell to come up and that's to be appreciated as well. I'm not on Twitter or Instagram, but I can say their facebook page is one of the most fun and interactive. Actually, while I'm on it: go 'like' them. Once they hit 10,000 Likes they're doing another contest. Dooo eeeeet. hehehehe

*aHEM* So today I'm sporting three (yes, three) of the Limited Edition Pure Ice polishes. I keep seeing the whole shebang called the "Runway Collection", but I thought each of the five had their own name.... anyway, the first one I have for you today is Peep Show. A near metallic-ish sapphire-ish blue.... ish. :p

Yes, it's blue. lol This is two coats. Dried fairly quickly. No sheet marks or anything.

Of course I decided to try out two more of those "with diamond shapes" glitters and it's totally grey and overcast again.

So I did my best. I think the pics came out fairly well and without wonky glare. Glitter #1 is Silver Lining, the... silver one of the bunch.

My poor right hand. Even when it does pose properly without feeling weird it still isn't sure how far away from the lens to be...

The diamonds in this one seem a bit scarce, but that's probably just my bottle. A ton of 'em are stuck to the side.

So I'll have to find a way to unstick those. Tinsel Town did not have that problem and it shows!

OMG Pretty! The dark blue with all of those irridescent diamonds really work well together.

To further illustrate the sticky glitter point:

There you have it. I'm not sure how this is going to translate onto my blog since the box I'm typing in is so much wider, but hopefully it doesn't look too weird for you. Tomorrow is Wednesday so I'm going to search through my list for something I really don't want to wear. lol Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. Love that glitter! Too bad I never could find it...

    1. Good news! The green and pink versions will be part of the permanent line. :D I didn't see any of the velours on there, though... :(

    2. Well, I do have plenty of matte top coat, so I could make pretend velours. :)

    3. lol That is one idea. Everybody's pushing to have them re-released since SO many people missed out.


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