Friday, January 11, 2013

Pure Ice: Femme Fatale & Zoya: Logan

Oh.... oh, dear friends. Today's offerings are what polish dreams are made of. ....are the things of which polish dreams are made. *grammar* I know, I'm just doing a bang-up job with the "more nail art". That will change come Sunday. Or maybe tomorrow. Sunday at the latest. *ahem*

The first dreamy polish I have is one of the Pure Ice Velours. As soon as the second coat dried I could hear that song in my head. You know the one. "Oh oh oh it's magic. You knoooooooow." That one.

Oh! *dies* Femme Fatale is so lovely. Like a magic blanket made by leprechauns.

I did (sorta) promise something sparkly if the clouds broke, and they did! So I have a similarly colored polish that's not quite as soft. Zoya Logan.

Another darkish emerald green. This one is sorta jelly-like with wicked shimmer.

One coat (on top of Femme Fatale). Outside the shimmer looks more gold, inside it looks more silver. Either way it is simply fabulous.

If I remember I'll try to get a pic of my naked nails this afternoon. After so many dark blues and greens they are seriously awful. LOL I've been using basecoat! There doesn't seem much point at the moment, but my basecoat has "nail hardeners" so I use it anyway. Even if it isn't protecting from staining. :p

OMG My bank is killing me!! *dies* It used to take two days to transfer funds to-and-from Paypal and now it's taking four every time. C'mon guys! There's an A England sale going on! Don't they understand the gravity of this situation?! Now I'm going to have to wait until Monday and it's going to take forever to get here.... *sigh* At least Dragon is on it's way.

Not only that I was peeking around head2toebeauty (I'm so bad) and now I want the whole Glitz n Pieces collection..... *headdesk* My China Glaze drawer is almost full..... I really need to get to IKEA and see how big these Helmers are in real life. I know there are people whose collections put mine to shame and I just don't understand how I keep running out of space!

Yep, rambling again. Sorry. Not really. :p Weekend time! Take care and be safe.


  1. Both are lovely greens, especially the 'velvet' one, looks soft like a jumper :) big is your stash now? I never want to reach helmer status lol!

    1. Not counting ones that are ordered and on their way I have 546. I never expected to amass this many.... I never wanted to reach Helmer status either, but it's looking like I may have no other option. LOL Serious impulse control problems.


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