Friday, January 4, 2013

Misa: It's You! & Color Club: Glitter Wonderland

Both of today's polishes were totally unexpected. I thought I was going to swatch Senorita Bonita, but then I got a totally unexpected email from a totally unexpected source that, despite it's brevity, made me a very happy Lizzy. :D So I decided I should ride that high and dip into the long neglected Misas! I couldn't bring myself to go too far, not yet, so I opted for the simply named It's You!.

It's You! is kind of a mystery polish.... which is kind of appropriate in this instance. I had three coats then totally borked 'em in my sleep, added another and this is what I got. I was all kinds of confused when looking at my stash page... the bottle photographed green, but in my monitor light it was purple?

There it looks almost black. O_o Curiouser and curiouser. I took another pic in the dark with the flash just to confirm that I hadn't switched bottle pictures....

Ok, so I'm not crazy. Not as far as the color of It's You! is concerned. Still confused. Someone remind me to try this again in the summer. :p

Since I had no idea I was going to be wearing It's You! I had no plans for it. I certainly didn't intend to hair-mark the crap out of it, but I did. I had Glitter Wonderland sitting on my 'desk' so I wouldn't forget to swatch it before Winter's end, so I topped the whole thing off with that.

That's one coat. That's also one totally off-color coat. Glitter Wonderland leans more reddish than blue-ish.

I think I'm going to be saving up for a new camera.... again. *sigh* I painted all of my nails and ended up taking it off to go ahead and get pics of tomorrow's Sinful polishes. :p I'm hanging out with Brak tomorrow before she leaves for California so I'm going to pre-type tomorrow's post after dinner. Then I'll get to wear Four Leaf Clover for two days. :D Hey, girls.... does anybody else's husband/boyfriend have a nasty habit of turning up the volume on the tv/stereo way too loud and acting like they don't realize how loud it is? -_- Oh they know. I hate that....

Ok, time to go pick up dinner, eat dinner, type up tomorrow's post and paint up! hehehehe Hope everyone's had a great week. Be safe this weekend!


  1. Loving It's You! It's crazy unique :)

    1. It is definitely something else. lol Can't wait to get it out in some proper sunshine.


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