Sunday, January 27, 2013

Misa: Forbidden Lust & Zoya: Aurora Funky French

Hellooooooo lovelies! If you couldn't gather from the title I've got some seriously sexy polish for you today. Starting with two coats of Forbidden Lust.

Which is a teensy bit more red-toned than is showing up in my pictures. It reminds me of plums. Sexy plums. ;) LOL Forbidden Lust has restored my faith in Misas (which have been hit and miss as far as sheerness) and I think I'm going to have to get the rest of the Poisoned Passion collection.

You like how my spazzy camera tried to pick up the blue and red seperately? Definitely going to concider investing in a better camera.

I ended up picking Forbidden Lust out of all of my unworn purple shimmers because it leans more red than the others. So does Aurora. I mentioned wanting to do tips and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Oh. OH! Seductive. ;) Seductive enough to actually coax the sun out from behind the clouds! Aurora's a cheeky one. She just had to shine!

Even without the sun making the holo sparkles dance, this combo is just insanely pretty. Heart-racing pretty. So what's up with all the dents and dings? Well....

I was sitting here adding the tips and going through my email. I had an email from Ulta that said polish clearance 80% off $.99 to $4.99. Hurray! So I topcoated and got dressed and ran out to see if it was as spectacular an event as the e-flier promised. ....meh. There were a couple of things on clearance that I hadn't seen before, but OPIs were still $6.49 and some Layla glitters were $7.99 and most of the other clearance stuff was stuff I had already seen. I did pick up three, though.... LOL

Want My Bawdy, the only Bohemian polish with a clearance tag and it was $4.99; Brownstone from way back in the Metro collection was $1.99; and yet another essence! A glitter called Copper'ize Me! for $1.29. I keep finding these rogue essences, so I checked where I tend to find the essence 'specialty' displays and they still have the mostly empty Twilight one sitting there. *boo* I wish I could sign up for special alerts for just new essence displays. :p If it were closer (say, next to Walgreens) I would pop in every day to check. Sadly I just have to keep hoping I don't miss anything awesome. Which I do... apparently... lol

Tomorrow is Metalic Monday! Only two more of those Sally Hansen ones. No idea what I'll do after that. Probably just whatever I want? :p LOL Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I'll be here tomorrow. Possibly with some stamping? We will see. :D

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