Monday, January 7, 2013

Essence: Love Potion! & Wish List Secrets!

Yay essence!! I know I have tons I could wear, and I'll get to them, but these two have me particularly excited. First because I didn't even know that essence released magnetic polishes. Second, omg the formula! *dies* A bunch of my magnetic polishes have pretty thick formulas *cough~Nabi~cough~cough* which makes them messy and while it gives the magnet plenty of metal to grab onto, it takes forever to dry so the image tends to fade before it's fully dry. These? Oh no. The formula was on the thin side and smooth and didn't try too quickly, but didn't take too long either, so the images ended up particularly crisp. A+ on formula even if the colors aren't particularly unique.

First up I have Love Potion!, which is sort of a coppery reddish color.

I did use a Nabi magnet since I missed the display and don't have any essence magnets. *pouts*

Just look at those lines! They don't reach all the way around, but you really can't tell from a normal distance.

Since the formula is on the thin side, they aren't exactly one-coaters like most of the rest.

Still, two coats is about average so that's not bad either. Next is Wish List Secrets!.

Kind of a goldish greenish; and yes, both names have the exclamation point in them. I didn't add those myself out of excitement. :p

I am amazed at how well these worked!! Also pretty proud of myself for getting all of the lines more or less horizontal. :D *pats own back*

OMG Tomorrow will be Senorita Bonita and from the swatches I've seen it's so pretty I don't know if I'll be able to make myself do anything to it... I will definitely be painting my toes. Last Runts polish tomorrow!

Oh! I almost forgot!! Adina has hinted that something special is coming for A England's 2nd anniversary so keep your eyes opened for that. :D I'll be here, as usual. Trying not to nap the days away. :p Take care y'all! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.

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