Sunday, January 20, 2013

Essence: Date In The Moonlight & California Nails: "Shimmery Blue"

Hello all you lovely peoples! *WAVES* Oh my goodness I feel like crap. :p My nose is stuffy (again... *boo*), my shoulders are killing me and my tummy hurts. I think my nose is most worrisome. I can't get sick again! Guess I'm picking up orange juice today. Gotta stay active. Keep the blood flowing....

Today I'm starting with essence Date In The Moonlight. I had wanted to wear green polish while out hiking (hence yesterday's Exotic Green), but this worked just as well since nobody took notice of what I had on my nails. lol

Date In The Moonlight is a deep, navy cream with slightly lighter blue shimmer. This is two coats.... and a topcoat because I had some sheet marks.

Pretty. :) Do have a little tipwear, but not bad concidering the adventure this polish went on. Since I got some swatching done early I noticed I only had one polish for today and one for tomorrow. Well, that simply would not do! So I pulled out this last (pretty sure it's the last...) mini bottle. It has no name. The brand is California Nails and I'm calling it "Shimmery Blue".

This is one coat. If I were wearing it on my fingernails I would have gone for two.

Little thin, but not too bad. It's the middle of winter so it's not like anybody is going to see it anyway, right?

Still waiting on A England and Zoya to ship. No big deal. I just got my Julep email and next month has two holos! Of course they couldn't put the two holos in any one box so I got the "It Girl" box (since it has 3 polishes :p) and added on Ginger. I very nearly skipped next month, too, but... ya know... holos. If you want to sign up for Julep I have a referral button right up at the top of my blog. Not all months are winners, but I have gotten some seriously interesting polishes from them. Oh! And wouldn't you know it; now they're deciding to put some kind of label on the LE "Mystery" polishes. :p Maybe I'll be able to track down the ones I have and put their proper names to them. I know, totally neurotic.

So painfully close to cashing out on MyPoints. I'm going to cash out on a $25 amazon card so I can get the Glitz n Glamour collection. Yes, even the red one. :p Shortly after (or possibly before) I should get another code from this panel I'm on which I will be using to get one (or more?) of the Orly Plastix polishes. Came across some swatches earlier this week and they look super cool.

I guess that's it for now. Going to brush my teeth and try to get some walking in before I succomb to the "wah I'm sick and wanna lay in bed" syndrome. hehehe Love you guys!! Take care.

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