Saturday, January 19, 2013

Enchanted Rock

What brand is that? ....? LOL Enchanted Rock is not a polish, it's a place. A place where I almost died yesterday, but, yes, a place. I knew this trip was coming. I thought it was going to be today, but now I'm glad to have it over with. Oh I was super excited at first. It's supposed to be cursed with ghost fire and really pretty and yadda yadda yadda.... Ok, seriously, I'm going to try to not be bitter about the almost dying part. Suffice it to say: We were seriously mis-informed about the difficulty of this hike.

It's a two hour drive from here to there. That part was no big deal. I like long drives. When we got there Enchanted Rock didn't look too daunting.

Until you get started and realize that it's a bit of a hike just to get to the base...

Not to mention some unexpected rock climbing.

There were some interesting rock formations scattered about.

The kicker is how steep this bugger is. We had to stop 6 or 7 times on the way to the top because my legs were burning, my ass was burning, my lungs were burning (not a high altitude kind of girl), and my heart and head were pounding. I was seriously ready to quit no less than three times. I did make it to the top, however, and was treated to this..... panoramic view.

Okay, it's Texas and I could see that from just about anywhere. :p Was it worth nearly killing myself? Unsure. I can, now, say that I've made it to the top of Enchanted Rock. There was a waterfall in Germany that I didn't make it to the top of, so.... *shrugs* LOL Once we got to the top it was time to go back down. Not the way we came, oh no. Down a much steeper incline on a different side. I got down and crab-crawled for most of it. I'm quite top-heavy and was not about to let my boobs send me careening headfirst downwards.

There were old people and guys carrying kids and even dogs making it easily to the top. Do I feel bad about myself for struggling and butt-sliding down? Nope! I made it to the top and probably would have had an easier time with a less agressive guide. :p I lived and that's most important. I'm still feeling it, though. Never been very physical and that's okay.

I do have an essence polish on that I didn't get the chance to photograph. Heck, I'm just glad I woke up at 2am yesterday and managed to hit my 100SB goal before we headed out. O_o While I was at the top of Enchanted Rock I got an email alert from Pure Ice. I didn't win, but I think I was in the top 20 because I will be getting some polishes for my effort. :D Not 100 polishes, but some is better than none and I'm thrilled that they liked it enough for even that. Also, I can't be too sad because Dragon came in!! :D The other four A Englands and my Zoya order haven't even shipped yet, but that's okay. It gives me time to keep knocking down my list before it's bombarded with all new polishes. hehehe For now I'm going back to bed. Hope everyone's having a great week and I'll see you later with two Sinful Colors!


  1. hahahaha....great adventure....second thought--glad I wasn't invited :-)

    1. LOL It would have been nice to have some back-up for my "this is high enough" argument. ;)


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