Thursday, January 31, 2013

China Glaze: Shower Together & It's A Trap-Eze!

Hello everybody! :) Today I decided to dig back to one of those eCollection polishes that I just had to have. lol Two more left after this one. So many polishes, so few fingers. Starting off today with two coats of Shower Together.

Shower Together is an interesting dark bright blue. Kind of like the color that kids would pick to color in water. Makes sense. It dried fairly quickly, but I didn't notice the VNL until I went out this morning for pictures.

Shower Together ended up being a bit darker than I would have ideally liked for It's A Trap-eze!. If you remember back when I swatched Revlon's Whimsical I like to try and match the base to bring out the intended look and feel of a polish. Whimsical and It's A Trap-eze! have the same milky blue base, but.... I have so many polishes to go through. LOL Trap-eze does lighten up Shower a bit, would have lightened it more with a second coat. One coat is enough of this glitter, I think.

It's A Trap-eze! is a fun rainbow of glitters. Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver. Reminds me more of a traditional circus than Cirque du Soliel.

There is something a bit odd about Trap-eze, but I can't quite put my finger on it. After all of the polishes and all of the nail art this one keeps making me go "WTF? LOL!" in my head. Not sure if that was an intended reaction or not. Hrm. My friend Marie posted up some of her nail art on facebook last night (or the night before?) and I totally stole this one to show you.

She doesn't like her flowers, but I think they came out great! I told her I'll be stealing this idea once Spring rolls around so you can look forward to more of that in the future. ;)

Good news! In addition to Adina figuring out her temporary promo shipping solution, Zoya finally sent me a shipping notice for my Pixie Dusts! (plus 3 promo freebies) Freakin' finally!! OMG So, heads up, once those come in I will be swatching the Pixie Dust polishes regardless of which day of the week it is. I've waited too long. So long that I may do them all at once then spread out the posts so I can sit and enjoy one for a while. :p That sounds like a good idea to me. In the meantime I still have drawers full of pretties to keep me (and you) occupied. Check out my collection page and if there are any unlinked polishes you want to see, don't hesitate to ask! I have the hardest time deciding. ;) Stay safe out there and hang tight, the week is almost up!


  1. I looove it's a trapeze! So cute, reminds me of a more colourful version of nails Inc Sweets way! I'd love it but I can't justify it lol

    1. It is cute! :D Next time I splurge on Sephora I want to get some of those Nails Inc sprinkle polishes.


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