Tuesday, January 8, 2013

China Glaze: Senorita Bonita & Runts: Orange

Hello darlings. I kinda feel like I have to apologize here... Not only do I have feets in today's post (which I know some people hate), but I also haz rain. :/ So my best pictures were taken indoors with the flash. They're not as in-focus as I usually like, but suprisingly they appear to be more color accurate for the super picky Señorita Bonita. lol

Señorita Bonita is a purple-leaning-pink with pink shimmers. I'm assuming there's some blue in there as well that my eyes aren't picking up, but my camera was determined to.

This is three coats. Señorita Bonita is a bit sheer, but totally worth the effort. In my monitor light she almost looks hot pink. ;)

And on my toes I have two rather messy coats of Runts' Orange.

This one was pretty pungent at first, but the scent dissipated really quickly.

Ok... let's see... For those of you who haven't heard, Pure Ice is adding 20 of their Limited Edition colors to the regular line-up! They haven't yet announced which 20, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of the velours to sneak in there. At least the two I don't have and really want. lol Still waiting for the Pixie Dust colors to restock so Zoya can ship off my order. :p Oh! And A England has Dragon on sale for £6 so I had to order that. I wanted to add St George, but after helping Aaron get his chess board (zombies vs hunters!) I didn't quite have enough to cover both. At least I'll finally have Dragon!! :D

Since I haven't mentioned it in a while, I'm doing really well on SwagBucks. Since they made the daily goal a regular feature I've been lucky enough and haven't missed a day! :D I'm 2/3 of the way to my next $100 payout. Which will be used mostly on A Englands this time. lol I'm also almost 2/3 of the way to finally cashing out (and closing out) on SendEarnings and then I can start working on whittling away at InboxDollars. *feh* Those two were so much better when they actually sent regular emails instead of having all kinds of stupid conditions. "You're supposed to make more from the site's other functions" No, you're supposed to send me emails. That's why you're called "inboxdollars" and not "cometothesiteandsignupforshityoudontwantdollars". Whatever. :p

It's raining harder now.... I guess I should try and fix my mom's toilet so I can do laundry (the plumbing here is a mess) before immersing myself in Sims. *pouts* Don't wanna.... LOL Pretty sure I know what I'm going to do on my nails tomorrow. If anyone's curious, my official count is 86 unworns out of 546 polishes. Not including my orders that aren't here yet. :p That's just under 16% unworn! :D If I were to count paid-for-but-not-here it's just over 17% so that's still not bad. Making progress! Ok! No more procrastinating. Take care and have a great week!


  1. I also have the china glaze shade is so pretty. I wish it was a little bit more opaque

    1. Me too! I don't understand how companies can put out such pretty colors but they're practically transparent. :/


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