Thursday, January 24, 2013

China Glaze: Kiwi Cool-Ada +Crackle Dots!

Okay folks, what are we doing today? .....How.... How are we doing today? LOL I don't know what exactly is going on here, but apparently at the same time I was deciding that neon green was a perfectly acceptable January color, Mother Nature was deciding that 83degrees was a perfectly acceptable January temperature. So on the bright (HA!) side I got to do my yoga outside today, on the flip side now I'm all sweaty.... *blah* Ready to see Kiwi Cool-Ada?!

How do you like that searing into your eye-holes? ^_^ Kiwi Cool-Ada is so bright that when I was laying down to sleep I had to get this picture with my phone because my nails were glowing in the blue tv light:

....okay, so my picture doesn't quite do it justice. I need eyeball cameras. :p Close-up!

Now, I used white as a base for most of my nails, but on their facebook page Pure Ice suggested silver so I figured I'd give that a whirl.

Not bad! It does look a bit darker indoors, but out in the sun it's about the same. Which is great news, because I have a lot more silver polishes than white. :D It was actually Pure Ice that kind of prompted today's art, too, but I'll get to that in a minute. Show first, then tell. Crackle dots!

Can you see the crackle in the dots?

There we are. Cool, right? Sadly it's only about half as cool as I was hoping, but that's part #2 of the story. Part #1 is the part where I was sitting here looking at the provided "Valentine's Day" polishes wondering WTF I was going to do with them at some point. I really wanted to use the crackle (because while pink and red aren't exactly my colors, crackle is right up my alley), but not in the traditional full-cover way.

Ta-da! My palette. #1 is where I was trying to crackle over a heart sticker. Aside from the obvious lack of crackle, I was having extreme difficulty removing the sticker. #2 is where I figured out that the crackle wasn't working because I was painting on plastic instead of polish. :p Just below that is where I tried dotting a heart with crackle and thus began the experiment. #3 is where I was checking to see if dots would dry with cracks. #4 shows my original color idea. I was going to dot white on the green and then dot the neon orange crackle over the white dots and have neon green with neon orange crackle dots. Cool, right? Except the Nabi crackle (the orange one, at least) didn't want to work that way. Fortunately the Salon Perfect Black Crackle did and #5 is me making sure it would still behave directly on Kiwi Cool-Ada since it's got kind of a matte finish. *phew* And in case you're insanely curious:

That's the other side. LOL But wait! There's more! My cousin Alexis has been at it again:

Pretty rainbow. I love her lines! Also, my friend Marie decided to go dotty today, too!

That's Zoya Storm (*SQUEE*!!) and Sally Hansen Twisted Pink.

I feel like I had some idea for tomorrow, but Kiwi Cool-Ada may have lasered my brain... maybe stripes? *shrugs* I guess we'll see! Hope everybody's having a great week. Almost the weekend!


  1. Awesome bright green! Your nails have a really nice shape I think. The crackle dots are such a good idea! Unlike you I don't really like my crackles that much, so any ideas to use them up are really welcome!

    1. Thank you so much! :D And I'm glad I could help with an idea. lol I'll try to come up with more so those poor crackles don't go to waste. ;)

  2. The crackle dots are a good idea! I love neon nail polish they just make me so happy! Haha!

    1. Yay! Always nice to meet another fan. ;) lol


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