Sunday, January 6, 2013

China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover & Julep: Hilary

I'm back with another xmas polish from my darling friend. :D Also, despite the short title, I do have two different looks for it coming up. Yay me! Course, I have been wearing it for two days so perhaps that helped stir something. *shrugs* I absolutely love Four Leaf Clover!

Does that look green to you? It's looking blue to me... it's green. Like... a nearly pale emeraldy green? Not quite pastel, but lighter than "normal" green. Two coats! Deliciously smooth.

My first idea was to do some stamping. Can't very well wear Four Leaf Clover without stamping on a four leaf clover, can I? Apparently not. :p While digging through my plates I also found some grass and the whole idea came together.

Red Angel plates RA-116 and RA-118. Then to choose some stamping colors. I had a hard time finding a grass-green that would contrast enough to be visible, but I finally found:

Pure Ice First Time for the clover and KleanColor Melon Green for the grass.

Could have lined the grass up better, but overall not too shabby.

That left me with one hand and a few Juleps still sitting out waiting patiently so I decided to get another polish linked and swatch Hilary for you.

Hilary is some yellowish and orangish brownish glitter in a slightly brown-tinted base. Kind of Autumnal. I like it, but I think I was expecting something a bit... more?

*shrugs* lol Maybe it would be impressive over a different base color.

Tomorrow is, once again, Magnetic Monday! Here I thought I was done, but I now have two essence ones to do. The bottles are kind of small so maybe I'll just do one per hand tomorrow. That sounds like a plan. Then Senorita Bonita on Tuesday and see what I have that's WTF worthy. hehehehe Hope everyone's having a terrific weekend!

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