Thursday, January 3, 2013

China Glaze: Bahamian Escape + Magic: Glow-in-the-Dark + STAMPING!

WHAT?! Yes. One of my goals for this year (not really my "resolution", just a goal) was to do more nail art. I think I suck so bad because I don't practice enough. So today's mani features some stamping. OMG I don't want to spoiler alert all over the place, but it looks pretty amazing. hehehehe First up, the base! I mentioned I got a few polishes from a dear, special friend for xmas (didn't I?) and here's one of them. China Glaze Bahamian Escape!!

Oh. My. Gawd! This is exactly what my eyeballs needed after a week of flash and shimmer and glitter. (ermahgerd I'm gonna throw my phone out the window....) Bahamian Escape is a fabulous bright blue cream. Two coats here, but I could have stayed at one. Even so it wasn't so thick that cleanup was a problem. It... wasn't a problem... is what I'm getting at.... yeah.... Close-up!!

I know, creams don't really warrant a close-up, but look! I chipped a nail getting into my car last night so I (finally) filed them all down to a more "normal" length (I love Abbie's claws, but I'm way too spazztastic for that) and if you look you can see that all the buffing I did back... in the... spring....? Has grown out. *ahem* Which lets me know that if I was ever going to try and not polish my nails long enough to have them grow out unstained and pretty.... yeah, that's not going to happen. Even if I ended up in a coma or something (*knock on wood* that never happens) I hope that one of my dear friends will come and do my coma nails. :p

Ok, so I've had this 'Magic' glow in the dark polish forever. Aaron picked it up for me years ago from a gas station display. Well before I went totally polish-bonkers. Isn't he sweet? I didn't want to dull-down Bahamian Escape and it's such a tiny bottle I decided to just test it out on my thumb.

Nice and smooth, two coats. Dried pretty quickly. And it's not that different from the base color either. lol

We're not getting any kinds of sun down here (certainly not summer-time glow-fun sun), but Aaron just replaced the batteries in his LED flashlight so I *ahem* borrowed that for a second.

Not too bad. Except that after holding the light on my nail for a full two minutes the glow faded so quickly! I barely had time to drop (gently) the flashlight and press the shutter. I don't know if that's a formula thing or an age thing. Time for another story!

I wasn't initially going to stamp. I wanted to use those little 3D nail art decal thingies I had picked up at Dollar Tree. I know I'm not crazy because I used them here, but while digging through my drawer I couldn't find them! I have two packages of the loose flakies, but no thingies! (which I called doodads in that linked post LOL!!) The point of this story is that I had been keeping my nail art supplies in the same drawer as my international polishes, but after yesterdays essence haul I'm running out of room. So I dug out my old polish-holding tub and crammed everything in there to make more space for polish.

To think, a year ago every polish I owned fit in that little tub. I told myself once it got full I'd stop.... hehehehe I'm such a liar. XD *ahem* The other point of that story was STAMPING! I started with "Nail Art" plate m26.

I stamped with another gifted xmas polish, Senorita Bonita, which I've been wanting forever but never managed to pick up for myself. :D I haz the bestest friends. (not just cuz of that :p)

I was only going to do an accent nail, but it looked so good I went for broke.

Ok, I've rambled enough and now I'm getting heckled about not posting yet so I better get this up before my little jew-girl has a coronary or something. hehehehe Love you!!! Hope everyone's having a fantastic week so far. Stay warm!!


  1. Oh Bahamian escape is just gorgeous!!
    Haha! I'm always scared of catching my nails :(. Omg coma nails bahaha! I'll fly over and make your nails pretty ;) hehe


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