Monday, January 14, 2013

China Glaze: Admire +Stamped!

OMG I'm seriously going to cry. The money still hasn't transferred into my paypal. :( I don't get it. It used to take two days and now it's taking five?! I'm gonna miss the sale.... *sniffles* I have to keep telling myself "At least Dragon is on it's way".... little comfort when missing what amounts to four for the price of two, but at least Dragon is on it's way.... *sniffles*

Which brings me to Metallic Monday! Yes, finally no more magnetics sneaking their way into my collection. ;) I almost reached for another Chrome (since that's what Metallic Monday was instituted for), but I knew I had to get Admire swatched. It was taunting me, donchyaknow.

OOOoooooooh AAAaaaaaaaah Pretty. :) This is two coats. I'm not sure if one would have been enough because I was painting in the dark again. It is a little brush-strokey, but not in a way that's terribly off-putting.

Now.... *ahem* I was going to stamp my entire mani, buuuuuut..... I had to take my dad to the lot early this morning and I had to pick Aaron up late last night. I stamped my right hand while I was awake in between (leaving my left for proper naked swatching) and was going to finish this morning (after all the other things I fully intended to do this morning), but I managed to sleep all day. At least I still have one hand done! I pulled out "Nail Art" plate m63 again. I just love that swirly design!

I had heard that Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes was amazing to stamp with, so....

....I'm going to have to try it over a darker base to say for sure. It looks okay here, but I still had polish on the stamper and with both colors being metallic it's a teensy bit difficult to tell if the swirl is broken. O_o

*shrugs* It looks alright. It did spread nicely on the plate and appears to have transferred well. I think the pink and silver look cute together.

Tomorrow.... is Tuesday.... Nothing pre-scheduled for Tuesdays.... Perhaps I'll work on some of these Julep "Mystery" polishes that I just had to have. :p Yeah.... it's all coming together..... hehehehe Hope everyone is having a great week. Take care y'all!!


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