Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A England: Dragon +Acid Wash Art

I hate taking medicine!!! >.< Not because I'm a toddler or anything, I just hate what it does to me. To (hopefully) prevent me from getting Aaron sick (again) he picked up this cold medicine that has both Day and Night pills. I can understand the logic here, but... I took the night pills last night, right? Sat here for about 45 minutes finishing up some things online, laid down and my head was all swimmy and fuzzy and I couldn't hold a thought for more than 5 seconds. That went on for about half an hour before sleep finally came. I cringe at the thought that people do that to themselves on purpose when they're not sick. I'm not as snotty as I was yesterday, but my head still feels "off". *blah*

Fortunately pretty pretty polish can always make me feel better, and today I have some pretty pretty! Finally after months of wanting: Dragon!!

This is three coats (over my pre-polished "acid" base) and it still dried fairly quickly. It's not quite as in-your-face holo-ey, but this is exactly what I would expect dragon scales to look like up close.

hehehe Brought the bottle in for you there.

A few days ago my friend Sandy posted up a link on my facebook to an "acid wash" mani tutorial. I had never heard of it before and it looked really cool (and easy!) so I decided to give it a try. Now... this is my first shot at this and I made a couple of "oopsies". The first being my color selection....

Tristam, Holy Grail and Dragon. Cool, right? You can see where I was going with the holo shimmer and the contrast in colors? Showed it to Aaron and he's all, "Oh, Mardi Gras colors?"..... *facepalm* Did not even realize. So that connection is unintentional, but omg the effect!

I started with two coats of Tristam, one of Holy Grail and three of Dragon. I wanted to make sure it was fully covering the gold for swatching. Then I took my clean-up brush and dipped it in my 100% acetone and went over the polish to uncover the prettiness underneath.

Not too shabby... I didn't want to take off too much, but maybe I could have done a little more. I topcoated twice to make sure everything was smooth.

Two more little oopsies. LOL The first is my "practice hand"....

Oopsy. Got a little far down on a couple there... Also I apparently knocked my pinky on something. :p And lastly I have an ill-conceived hand pose with the bottles.

LOL Good in theory, not so much in execution. My hand kinda looks like an alien head. :p

All in all I think it's a pretty kick-ass technique. Looking around I saw some with blue and white to look like acid washed denim. May try that sometime. Also have to try it with neons and see if I can make it really acidy looking. That'd be kewl. lol

Two things before I go. First, I was playing around with some of the Pure Ice samples and came up with some interesting crackle stuff that I have to show you. I'm not going to say it's an original idea cuz someone else may have discovered it first, but... I don't think there are too many people who like crackle as much as I do... Second! The crackle fun will have to wait until Thursday because I'm going to be doing normal crackle tomorrow for WTF Wednesday. hehehehe Crackle!!! Come on back! Lots of fun things coming up. :)


  1. Wow super cool looking results there from the acid wash technique! Will have to try it out for sure. And Dragon is just gorgeous. I think I have the three polishes you used in this mani, I think I will flat out steal your idea! Cause I'm bad like that sometimes :)
    (I will of course give you credit if I do my lovely)

    1. hehehe Steal away! :D I'm glad you like it that much. And are honest enough to tell me ahead of time that you may. ;)


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