Thursday, January 31, 2013

China Glaze: Shower Together & It's A Trap-Eze!

Hello everybody! :) Today I decided to dig back to one of those eCollection polishes that I just had to have. lol Two more left after this one. So many polishes, so few fingers. Starting off today with two coats of Shower Together.

Shower Together is an interesting dark bright blue. Kind of like the color that kids would pick to color in water. Makes sense. It dried fairly quickly, but I didn't notice the VNL until I went out this morning for pictures.

Shower Together ended up being a bit darker than I would have ideally liked for It's A Trap-eze!. If you remember back when I swatched Revlon's Whimsical I like to try and match the base to bring out the intended look and feel of a polish. Whimsical and It's A Trap-eze! have the same milky blue base, but.... I have so many polishes to go through. LOL Trap-eze does lighten up Shower a bit, would have lightened it more with a second coat. One coat is enough of this glitter, I think.

It's A Trap-eze! is a fun rainbow of glitters. Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver. Reminds me more of a traditional circus than Cirque du Soliel.

There is something a bit odd about Trap-eze, but I can't quite put my finger on it. After all of the polishes and all of the nail art this one keeps making me go "WTF? LOL!" in my head. Not sure if that was an intended reaction or not. Hrm. My friend Marie posted up some of her nail art on facebook last night (or the night before?) and I totally stole this one to show you.

She doesn't like her flowers, but I think they came out great! I told her I'll be stealing this idea once Spring rolls around so you can look forward to more of that in the future. ;)

Good news! In addition to Adina figuring out her temporary promo shipping solution, Zoya finally sent me a shipping notice for my Pixie Dusts! (plus 3 promo freebies) Freakin' finally!! OMG So, heads up, once those come in I will be swatching the Pixie Dust polishes regardless of which day of the week it is. I've waited too long. So long that I may do them all at once then spread out the posts so I can sit and enjoy one for a while. :p That sounds like a good idea to me. In the meantime I still have drawers full of pretties to keep me (and you) occupied. Check out my collection page and if there are any unlinked polishes you want to see, don't hesitate to ask! I have the hardest time deciding. ;) Stay safe out there and hang tight, the week is almost up!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wet n Wild: Gray's Anatomy & Markwins: "Purple Glitter"

Yep. You read that right. Today's WTF is another based on total lack of opacity. :p I've used Gray's Anatomy a few times in comparisons, but haven't done a full swatch yet. Because it's so sheer. So painfully sheer. I initially picked it up after Colette swatched it on her blog and I went back to that post and she used four coats. I must have missed that the first time I read it. :p Anyway, this time I layered two coats of Gray's Anatomy over one coat of Icy Princess.

So much better!! Goodness. Yeah, I got bored and did a little stamping last night. lol

Gray's Anatomy is kind of pink to grey to green. Had a hard time getting the green to show up out in the sun for some reason so I haz video for you.

As an added bonus on this sunshiney (and still frightfully cold) WTF Wednesday I have the last of my Markwins glitters. The purple one. :p

Can't see it, can you? Stupid glare....

There we go. Magic shadow to the rescue. ;) It also helped me find that pesky green shift!

There it is. It really is pretty overall, I just hate how sheer it is.

Tomorrow is the last day of January. I'll be working on some Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day art soon. Just no idea what I'm doing tomorrow. Maybe I'll just skip it..... ???? LOL I'm not going to do that. Oh! I know!! hehehehehe Come back tomorrow for some pretty pretty China Glazes! Y'all take care out there in the meantime. Hope everyone's having a great week so far.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pure Ice: Peep Show, Silver Lining & Tinsel Town

.......? Anybody else notice something different about the blogger posting box? This is going to take some getting used to. -_- Wish people would quit changing things that AREN'T BROKEN!!! *ahem* Sorry. :D In the realm of changing things that are broken, Adina has come up with a temporary solution to her shipping problem and will be bulk sending everything to Llarowe who will forward the individual packages to the rest of us. Apparently Ninja Polish also stepped up with an offer to do so. I think I would have preferred them, but... nobody asked my opinion. :p Still nothing on my Zoyas! *grumbles* So let's move on to polishes I do have from a company that, in my opinion, is really coming up in the polish world. If it's just me, then at least they're trying like hell to come up and that's to be appreciated as well. I'm not on Twitter or Instagram, but I can say their facebook page is one of the most fun and interactive. Actually, while I'm on it: go 'like' them. Once they hit 10,000 Likes they're doing another contest. Dooo eeeeet. hehehehe

*aHEM* So today I'm sporting three (yes, three) of the Limited Edition Pure Ice polishes. I keep seeing the whole shebang called the "Runway Collection", but I thought each of the five had their own name.... anyway, the first one I have for you today is Peep Show. A near metallic-ish sapphire-ish blue.... ish. :p

Yes, it's blue. lol This is two coats. Dried fairly quickly. No sheet marks or anything.

Of course I decided to try out two more of those "with diamond shapes" glitters and it's totally grey and overcast again.

So I did my best. I think the pics came out fairly well and without wonky glare. Glitter #1 is Silver Lining, the... silver one of the bunch.

My poor right hand. Even when it does pose properly without feeling weird it still isn't sure how far away from the lens to be...

The diamonds in this one seem a bit scarce, but that's probably just my bottle. A ton of 'em are stuck to the side.

So I'll have to find a way to unstick those. Tinsel Town did not have that problem and it shows!

OMG Pretty! The dark blue with all of those irridescent diamonds really work well together.

To further illustrate the sticky glitter point:

There you have it. I'm not sure how this is going to translate onto my blog since the box I'm typing in is so much wider, but hopefully it doesn't look too weird for you. Tomorrow is Wednesday so I'm going to search through my list for something I really don't want to wear. lol Hope everyone's having a great week.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Metallic Monday & Hair Stuff

*stretches* I should have taken a nap earlier when I had the chance. :p Took my car in for an oil change (and only about 10k miles behind schedule) and had to replace the cabin air filter. Bah! Stupid car. I coulda gotten polish...

It's hard to tell sometimes if a certain color is going to be truly metallic or if it's some weird jelly concoction. So today is going to be the final Metallic Monday. Aw! :( S'okay. I'm sure I'll get another magnetic eventually, even if I never end up with anymore of these fabulous chrome finishes. The first of the last is a lovely called Garnet Chrome:

Such a shiny metallic finish that my camera struggled with the close-up! XD

Second last is Amethyst Chrome which is a lovely lavendar color.

I got bored and decided to try out some metal-on-metal dotting action.

Almost got them all lined up proper. That also marks the last of my "Golden Oldies" polishes. I could give them back to my mom, but she'd just lose them. ;) Hey, don't give me that look! I've told her many times she can borrow whatever polish she wants and I've even helped her with nail art. I'm not an ingrate. lol

Ok, onto the hair stuff so if that doesn't interest you, then bye! LOL *ahem* Ok, so I had my hair blonde-ish three months ago. It was ill-timed and I told myself I'd let it grow 'til my chat buddy came back. Gave me a solid date for root growth. Just to see. So anyways, I did hear back finally and had a chat and since the last time I straightened my hair I looked straight up like Garth off of Wayne's World (omg I'm old) and it felt time for a change. I grabbed "medium" brown and I should have gone for "dark" brown; also my hair is still fried from bleach. Which is the actual point of this.

*eek* Some mornings I wake up and it feels like straw and is sticking out every which way. I have found an amazing product that does absolute wonders for it, though.

See? Can you see? I can certainly feel a difference. That's why I'm bothering to bring it up in the first place.

Tresemme Split Remedy. It's not expensive, maybe $5-6; I don't spend that much on hair products. This is a leave-in treatment conditioner. It says it reduces up to 80% of split ends after 3 uses. With what I know about hair I'm not sure that's even possible if you actually wash your hair and don't trim it. :p However, it is an amazing leave-in conditioner that makes even my straw-fried hair silky soft and it does tame 80% of my frizz. Maybe closer to 50%, but that's still pretty great since it doesn't feel greasy or oily or stiff. Almost like actual hair! LOL

I don't know if I'm 100% happy with the color. Won't really know until I straighten it, I guess. Weird being brunette again. Uhm.... Okay. I'm rambling. I think tomorrow I'm going to work on some Pure Ice glitters. :D Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Misa: Forbidden Lust & Zoya: Aurora Funky French

Hellooooooo lovelies! If you couldn't gather from the title I've got some seriously sexy polish for you today. Starting with two coats of Forbidden Lust.

Which is a teensy bit more red-toned than is showing up in my pictures. It reminds me of plums. Sexy plums. ;) LOL Forbidden Lust has restored my faith in Misas (which have been hit and miss as far as sheerness) and I think I'm going to have to get the rest of the Poisoned Passion collection.

You like how my spazzy camera tried to pick up the blue and red seperately? Definitely going to concider investing in a better camera.

I ended up picking Forbidden Lust out of all of my unworn purple shimmers because it leans more red than the others. So does Aurora. I mentioned wanting to do tips and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Oh. OH! Seductive. ;) Seductive enough to actually coax the sun out from behind the clouds! Aurora's a cheeky one. She just had to shine!

Even without the sun making the holo sparkles dance, this combo is just insanely pretty. Heart-racing pretty. So what's up with all the dents and dings? Well....

I was sitting here adding the tips and going through my email. I had an email from Ulta that said polish clearance 80% off $.99 to $4.99. Hurray! So I topcoated and got dressed and ran out to see if it was as spectacular an event as the e-flier promised. ....meh. There were a couple of things on clearance that I hadn't seen before, but OPIs were still $6.49 and some Layla glitters were $7.99 and most of the other clearance stuff was stuff I had already seen. I did pick up three, though.... LOL

Want My Bawdy, the only Bohemian polish with a clearance tag and it was $4.99; Brownstone from way back in the Metro collection was $1.99; and yet another essence! A glitter called Copper'ize Me! for $1.29. I keep finding these rogue essences, so I checked where I tend to find the essence 'specialty' displays and they still have the mostly empty Twilight one sitting there. *boo* I wish I could sign up for special alerts for just new essence displays. :p If it were closer (say, next to Walgreens) I would pop in every day to check. Sadly I just have to keep hoping I don't miss anything awesome. Which I do... apparently... lol

Tomorrow is Metalic Monday! Only two more of those Sally Hansen ones. No idea what I'll do after that. Probably just whatever I want? :p LOL Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I'll be here tomorrow. Possibly with some stamping? We will see. :D

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sinful Colors: Jungle Trail +Dots

Oh! OH! Devestation!! Poor Adina has been working very hard to fill all of the promo orders and now she's run into yet another road block. Her post office (or whatever they call them in England) has been really cool about getting her polishes shipped to us in the past, but new international shipping regulations regarding polish have put a stop to that. Packages are now being scanned (more regularly than they have in the past) and destroyed when they are found to contain nail polish. Freakin' nail polish!! This... I just... what? I mean... ok, so it's technically flammable, but seriously? I smoke and paint my nails all the time (in a seriously unventilated room) and have yet to spontaneously combust. Probably not doing a lot for my brain cells, but you get my point. My point is "What's the point?!". As much polish as has been shipped worldwide if it was a problem then it would be an obvious problem at this point. Right? Planes dropping out of the sky left and right, trucks combusting on the highway for no reason. I said it on her facebook and I'll say it here: If I have to pay for international shipping to complete my A England collection; I will! I don't care! It's already the most expensive polish I buy and I still don't care. Adina is amazing and, yes, her polish is that good. We're supposed to be working towards a more interconnected Earth and yet... this is very disconnecting. I can not believe that it's really a safety issue. I just can't. So frustrating. Unfortunately this also means that when I do end up doing my giveaway I won't be able to open it internationally either and that makes me so sad!! :( Some of my most loyal and long-term readers are overseas. *cries* Almost makes me not want to do it because of that, but that doesn't seem fair either.... *sigh* Fortunately nobody's been really assy on the A England facebook page, so much support all around, but if Adina's anything like me then that's equally frustrating not wanting to let such supportive people down... Hopefully she can find a way to make it work that doesn't sour her on polish making. Good luck, Adina!!

Ok, that ended up longer and more ranty than I expected. What are we doing today? Oh yes! Sinful Saturday. As much as I wanted to knock more than one polish off of my Untrieds list, I really want to do more art (so I can get better) so I've only got one today. Jungle Trail.

This is.... two coats. Two kind of thickish coats because I find myself getting more and more frustrated with streaky starts. :p I think I may have enough grey creams to better accomplish my greyscale ombre by now, but... then I look at ones like this and it's got kind of a brown/green/khaki undertone in certain lights and it makes me wonder... LOL

Today's dots were actually kind of fun. I didn't quite manage to get them all the same size, but... at least they don't look totally random!

I started with a row of Muse dots along the cuticle and outside edge, then followed that same line with a row of Lavendar dots. :) Both Sinful Colors polishes.

Look at that. Subtle, but not invisible! I can learn. ;) LOL I didn't topcoat because I'm not really worried about these dots flaking off. It's a good thing I didn't go holo today because it's a bit grey outside again. I want to wear Aurora tomorrow (the Zoya one, not the Cherimoya one), but I'm scared... What if there's no sun?!

Oh my and there's another concern... what if this shipping business doesn't get sorted? I'm so close to cashing out my SwagBucks. I guess there are a ton of China Glazes I could get instead... I've got a couple of weeks to think about it. We'll see what happens. lol Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'll be here. Glued to facebook. Still waiting on that Zoya order to ship, too.... -_-

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pure Ice: Tease Me & Julep: Cindy

Hiyee! ^_^ Actually had to psych myself up a bit. Been a long day. Didn't help that it took me almost an hour to get into photobucket. Putzes. It's fine the way it is!!! Putzes. *ahem* I wasn't going to go green again (trying to mix it up a bit), but then I realized it's nearly the end of the month and if I didn't get this last Julep out while I was thinking about it then I'd end up with a whole extra one by the time next month's box got here. That would be no bueno. Not quite OCD, but more than a little particular. LOL *ahem*

First up I have Pure Ice Tease Me.

....*sigh* That's three coats. Yes: three. Lovely shimmery green, nearly metallicish, just more sheer than I like.

Cindy is the last polish from December's Maven box. I don't know if I was expecting metallic or glitter (I just saw green and had to have it LOL), but I kind of got both? You know the kind of polish I'm talking about, right?

I did figure out a hand pose that doesn't require me to hold the Julep bottles upside-down! Yay!! :D Now, I really love this color, but as you can still see some VNL I'm a tad disappointed in the formula.

Sparkly... shimmery... I think this would look better over a cream polish. Or perhaps as tips? Black polish with Cindy tips? That'd be cool, too. I haven't done tips in a while. Probably not tomorrow, but soon...

So far still nothing has shipped. I've read accounts of people getting the wrong bottles from A England and Zoyas showing up broken so I don't mind waiting! That old saying "Do you want it done fast or do you want it done right?"? I want it done right. I'm not going anywhere and I'm back up to over 70 unworns so I'm okay. lol As long as they get here eventually I can absolutely wait. If anyone posts up a "last orders from ____ promo shipped!" and I still don't have a shipping confirmation, then I do have the order confirmations in my email so I am not stressing... maybe just a little bit. ;)

Uhm... I think that's it. :) KarenD made me feel all squishy (in a good way) with some amazing structured dotting and I think I'm going to try some tomorrow. I've done alright in the past, but there's usually issues with the lines going the same way or the dots being anywhere near the same size. :p *fingers crossed*! Take care everybody, hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

China Glaze: Kiwi Cool-Ada +Crackle Dots!

Okay folks, what are we doing today? .....How.... How are we doing today? LOL I don't know what exactly is going on here, but apparently at the same time I was deciding that neon green was a perfectly acceptable January color, Mother Nature was deciding that 83degrees was a perfectly acceptable January temperature. So on the bright (HA!) side I got to do my yoga outside today, on the flip side now I'm all sweaty.... *blah* Ready to see Kiwi Cool-Ada?!

How do you like that searing into your eye-holes? ^_^ Kiwi Cool-Ada is so bright that when I was laying down to sleep I had to get this picture with my phone because my nails were glowing in the blue tv light:

....okay, so my picture doesn't quite do it justice. I need eyeball cameras. :p Close-up!

Now, I used white as a base for most of my nails, but on their facebook page Pure Ice suggested silver so I figured I'd give that a whirl.

Not bad! It does look a bit darker indoors, but out in the sun it's about the same. Which is great news, because I have a lot more silver polishes than white. :D It was actually Pure Ice that kind of prompted today's art, too, but I'll get to that in a minute. Show first, then tell. Crackle dots!

Can you see the crackle in the dots?

There we are. Cool, right? Sadly it's only about half as cool as I was hoping, but that's part #2 of the story. Part #1 is the part where I was sitting here looking at the provided "Valentine's Day" polishes wondering WTF I was going to do with them at some point. I really wanted to use the crackle (because while pink and red aren't exactly my colors, crackle is right up my alley), but not in the traditional full-cover way.

Ta-da! My palette. #1 is where I was trying to crackle over a heart sticker. Aside from the obvious lack of crackle, I was having extreme difficulty removing the sticker. #2 is where I figured out that the crackle wasn't working because I was painting on plastic instead of polish. :p Just below that is where I tried dotting a heart with crackle and thus began the experiment. #3 is where I was checking to see if dots would dry with cracks. #4 shows my original color idea. I was going to dot white on the green and then dot the neon orange crackle over the white dots and have neon green with neon orange crackle dots. Cool, right? Except the Nabi crackle (the orange one, at least) didn't want to work that way. Fortunately the Salon Perfect Black Crackle did and #5 is me making sure it would still behave directly on Kiwi Cool-Ada since it's got kind of a matte finish. *phew* And in case you're insanely curious:

That's the other side. LOL But wait! There's more! My cousin Alexis has been at it again:

Pretty rainbow. I love her lines! Also, my friend Marie decided to go dotty today, too!

That's Zoya Storm (*SQUEE*!!) and Sally Hansen Twisted Pink.

I feel like I had some idea for tomorrow, but Kiwi Cool-Ada may have lasered my brain... maybe stripes? *shrugs* I guess we'll see! Hope everybody's having a great week. Almost the weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pure Ice: Spitfire & Pout (+Yumi Compare)

Hello darling persons. :) Have I got some coolness to share with you today. Pure Ice sent some polishes to work on Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day designs. It's not quite time for that yet, but I just couldn't resist swatching a couple for you. Which brings me a little WTF lead-up story.

Apparently once upon a time Pure Ice released crackle combos. Not the wicked awesome color-changing liquid vinyl combos. Regular crackle. I totally missed these in the store so I'm super excited to have two of them now! In today's WTF story, however, the crackle is secondary. The primary WTF? is the paired base. A glitter that I've been eyeing forever and yet to pick up. WTF? Glitter? Given the textural differences in glitter polishes (and the fact that some of them are nearly impossible to get smooth) I guess I just kind of assumed that crackling over glitter would be problematic. Pure Ice didn't think so, so I figured I'd go ahead and give it a shot. Worst case scenario would be it not working and I've already dealt with that so let's dive in!

Ok, Spitfire is not a full cover glitter, so I decided to help it out with some undies. Now, I chose essence Iced Latte because Spitfire reminded me so much of Yumi that I wanted to go with something neutralish.

*ppfffft* How weird does that look? Not quite mannequin, but dang. LOL That's two coats of Iced Latte. The first was really streaky and uneven which surprised me.

Okay, back to the Pure Ice. I went with two coats of Spitfire to make sure everything was extra sparkly.

Spitfire has some pink and silver tiny glitters and slightly bigger silver holo glitters.

So pretty.

Yumi was pretty, too, right? Ok, so how close are they really?

Ok, they don't look identical in the bottles. Although that could be my spazziness and putting one in the other's shadow. :p

Ok, the first thing we're looking at here is the base. Spitfire has a slightly tinted base whereas Yumi is straight up clear. Or, at least, way less tinted.

I don't know if it's a result of the base, or an actual color difference, but the pinkish glitters in Spitfire come off way more pinkish.

Also, Yumi appears to have more of the silver glitters. Actually, I would say that Yumi is more densely glittered than Spitfire, but that could be because it's an older bottle that has had more time to settle. So I won't say that. I will say, however, that they are close. Very close. Not dupes. I hate to put it like this because Pure Ice has been very good to me, but if you can't fathom paying for Yumi, then Spitfire would be a very good knock-off. Only the most nit-picky individual would be able to tell the difference and only if they knew what to look for. Seriously? It's just nail polish. Who would even do that?! LOL

*ahem* Back to the crackle! I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats wondering how this turned out. Or you totally forgot. Either way, here it is!

Pure Ice Pout. First I should mention that Spitfire wasn't very textured at all and one layer of topcoat had it nearly 100% smooth. So other glitters may react differently. As far as this combo goes: crackle perfection!

I love this effect!! Even with a finalizing topcoat the glitter manages to fortify the 3D-ness of the crackle in a way that even shimmer polish doesn't. Yeah, it's super cool to topcoat the crap out of crackle so that it looks like it's part of the polish underneath, this is cool, too. And it's not like trying to crackle a water marble or something where the underlying design gets totally lost and it looks like a random mess.

Ok, I said I've got more crackle fun coming, and I do! The particular idea I have in my head is going to be a bit of a pain, but it should be so worth it. If not.... well.... then we'll know. XD I'll explain tomorrow however it turns out. Come on back! Let's see if I can't start changing some minds about the usefulness and versatility of crackle polish. ;) LOL Hope everyone out there is having a great week.