Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rimmel: Pink-A-Boo & LA Girl:Splash

Hey everybody. I was going to have the water marble today, but... I forgot the bottled water. Also, I'm trying really hard to not be sick. That's not going well, so my backup plan is to just not get Aaron sick. He was really sweet and went grocery shopping and everything and even remembered to pick up the water! So with luck I won't pass out before getting my nails marbled for New Years. Just need to find my roll of scotch tape...

In the meantime I did start chipping at my massive list of unworns. Starting with Rimmel Pink-A-Boo. I have a few other Rimmel... minis? Are these mini or standard for Rimmel? Anyway, this is the first one I've been disappointed with.

That's three coats and I still got some PDL. It was fully dry before I went to bed and still got sheetmarks galore. I love the color and it applied really smoothly... I could even live with the sheetmarks if it weren't so sheer. :(

Fortunately glitter does a fine job of disguising the Phantom Dirt Line. One coat of LA Girl Splash!

hehehe This is such a fun glitter. Kind of reminds me of carbonation bubbles. It's got small hex seafoamy glitters and small hex and tiny dot white glitters. I think the seafoamy ones may be a bit sheer? Also a bit iridescent so the sheerness isn't as noticeable when the light hits it.

This was also super easy to apply, no fishing or placing necessary.

Time to try and make dinner without getting everybody else sick. *fingers crossed* Happy New Year, everybody!!! (^_^)"/"

Monday, December 30, 2013

Norma Induced Haul

I got to hang out with Norma last night! It was awesome and she's so sweet and talked me into so much polish. Starting with some polishes she brought down for me. ^_^

Stevie, Pumpkin Spice and Fairy.

We had dinner at the Burger King in the Walmart at Waxahachie. She has a couple of pictures (including our double-Kai), but they're on her camera, so those will have to wait.

We perused polish in Walmart, then took a quick trip through "Historic Downtown Waxahachie" in the dark. Some places still had their Christmas lights up so that was nice. Then we hit Walgreens.

I picked up Star Light, Star Bright and Totally 80s at Walmart. Silver Elements, Electric Emerald, Sexy In Sequins and Pop The Bubbles at Walgreens.

Then... HEB. Oh my goodness. I was so bad. First there were two LA Girls displays we don't have down here.

Sprinkle, Splash, Splat, Mad Duo, Pop Artsy and Expressionism.

Then... oh then... essence Metal Glam!!!!

Steel-ing The Scene gold flakie topcoat, Steel-ing The Scene (copper chrome), Petal To The Metal and Gold Digger.

So much polish. So much fun hanging out with someone just as crazy as I am. ^_^

Also I got to wear this awesome Hello Kitty scorpio necklace Sandy sent me for Christmas!

So cute.

So many polishes to choose from. I think tonight I'm going to attempt the gold and black-holo water marble for my New Years mani. Then to start chipping away at this mountain of unworns. Starting to feel a little bit like a crazy person.... *shrugs* I'll worry about that later. For now it's time to grab dinner and keep relaxing before tomorrow's continuing stuffs. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, December 28, 2013

China Glaze: Crush, Crush, Baby

*stretches* Christmas Insanity Void took a lot out of me. lol Slept for most of today and just sat in bed (yeah, still in my jammies) playing Saints Row 4 for a few hours before I even entertained the idea of going out for dinner. Now I just want to lay back down. So... yeah, probably no post tomorrow, but I do have a very nearly complete review of (at least one of) the China Glaze Crinkle Chromes! Yeah, I'm assuming they'll all be about the same, just different colors.

So I started with Crush, Crush, Baby. "The lavender one". To create the texture in the chromes China Glaze used the regular cream-texture-beads and bar glitters. After one coat, that's exactly what it looks like. Chrome polish with beads and bars. (I'll get a picture of that next time) After the second coat it takes on more of a "crunched up metal" effect.

My first impression (after the first coat) was "Why didn't they just jam-pack it with the beeeaaaadsssss?!" After the second coat I saw where they were going with it. lol It dried pretty quickly and that's always a bonus. Overall I love the effect. Chrome? Texture? YES!!!

Now the "but"s. First "but" is that chromes (true chromes like this, not fakers like the Julep ones) don't like my basecoat and tend to chip horrendously fairly quickly. I can just pick at it and it flakes off. Second "but" is the problem with the bar glitters and how they like to hang off the edge of your nail. I had no problems using a buffer and filing them off, buuuuuut... that leaves the tips more exposed than they should be for a polish that doesn't want to stick in the first place. I don't ever topcoat my texture polishes, but this warranted a little experimentation:

My ring and index fingers have no topcoat. Pinkie finger has my normal quick dry (NutraNail) topcoat and my middle finger is sporting the Julep Freedom Polymer topcoat. It's thick, like a gel. Normal topcoat added minimal shine, but didn't interfere with the texture. It feels a little smoother, but looks like it should. Julep's thicker topcoat makes the texture noticeably smoother... which kinda brings the texture together, but the "gel shine" really alters the chrome-ness. Also... I was rubbing it to get a feel while I was describing it and the polish just popped right off that nail. So... uhm... yeah... I don't know if that's normal or not. I still have five more to swatch so I'll keep experimenting. (I'm aware those subtleties aren't really coming across in the pictures. Sorry. I'll try to get better pictures of that, too.

You know you're a polish sucker when you're sitting here looking at a table full of untrieds and still order two more from the Julep warehouse sale... hehehehe I got Lucky (their St Paddy's Day green & gold glitter) and MacKenzie (sour apple green) for $8 all together. Couldn't help it. Like I said, no post tomorrow. You'll be okay, right? LOL Gotta get everything ready to head up to see Norma! I'll probably be coming back with even more polishes. O_O I know, I have problems. Oh well. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I'll be back Monday with stories and pictures! (^_^)"/"

Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Christmas Prezzie Mani

I know! I'm late. Sorry. Decided to unwind and played Saints Row 3 all day. Picked up Saints Row 4 on the way home. :p Anyway, as soon as we got home from the Christmas festivities I just had to do my nails with my new polishes. First up, I believe this was three coats of Limestone.

The formula was a bit thin, but it dried really quickly. I got a few dings in my sleep, but I didn't stay up waiting for it.

I tried to do a reverse of the glitter 'gradient' with Call Me!, but... it's a bit more difficult starting at the tips and I think it helps to use a glitter that's not quite so packed full.

Little clunky, but I love these colors together!

hehehe Perfect.

Tomorrow I'll have the first of the six China Glaze Crinkled Chromes. THEN! OMG! Sunday I get to see Norma!!! :D Monday I'll have a tag-team post for Kai and we actually get to take the pictures together! I'm so excited. So I probably won't have a post ready for Sunday. Unless I do a quick swatch for one of the other Crinkle Chromes. We'll see. Hope everyone's doing great out there. Have a safe and fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, December 26, 2013

KleanColor: Metallic Aqua

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. This is actually the mani I wore yesterday. It is a polish I was gifted for Christmas so it was appropriate enough for me. :p

I added a ton of these KleanColor metallics to my amazon wishlist because metallic = good for stamping! Right? Of course I had to test that generality. Metallic Aqua is a gorgeous bright... well... aqua color. Immediately reminded me of water. For some reason (either a rushed base coat or I shook it and don't remember) the first coat bubbled like mad. The second did not, but didn't help to smooth things out much either. It did dry fairly quickly, but not too quickly for stamping!

Since I still had it sitting out I used Titanium Chrome as the base for my stamped nails, and the full nail star design on Cheeky plate CH5.

It stamped very well and was large enough for my ring finger. I did have to double-stamp my thumbs, but thanks to the open nature of the design you couldn't really tell.

So awesome. I was staring at it all day. @_@

For Christmas the in-laws gifted me two more polishes! Sally Hansen Limestone and Pure Ice Call Me!. I'm wearing them now. ^_^ It's kind of crazy they picked those colors because who else loves chartreuse and orange like I do? OMG Especially together! Just wait'll you see it. hehehe Y'all take care and be safe. New Years approaches quickly. (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

At Least My Nails Are Festive

Counting down. Very nearly over. We did get back late last night, but I had to do something to my nails, so I dug out a variety of plates with Christmas/Winter themed designs:

Some not-green Christmas colored Chromes:

Star Ruby, Gilded Pearl Chrome and Titanium Chrome

Then I got to work stamping.

The double snowflake is my favorite. The red ended up being a little hard to see, even in real life...

Both of my thumbs were treated to this giant snowflake. It was on one of the plates from that stamping contraption. I'm sure you could find one somewhere, though...

Now to see if the washing machine is done, stir the beans and continue mentally preparing myself for church tonight.... *sigh* Hope everyone is enjoying whatever holiday festivities you have planned. (^_^)"/"

Monday, December 23, 2013

Zoya: Holly (+Nail Mail)

*looks around* Hey everybody! Pulled myself away from the Christmas Insanity Void long enough to paint my nails! Sadly I forgot to reset my alarm last night and woke up way late, so no stamping. Hopefully I can do that tonight or tomorrow morning. Fortunately Holly is a perfect, fabulous, super green all on her own.

Two thin coats, dried super fast. Now this is green! And in the shade...

Still green! *looks around* Before I get back into the C.I.V. I finally went through and cataloged today's nail mail!

Goodness... okay, left-to-right starting with China Glaze in the back: Aluminate, Crush, Crush, Baby, I'm A Chromantic, Don't Be Foiled, Wrinkling The Sheets and Iron Out The Details. Yep, ordered the whole Crinkled Chrome collection. Then the three Color Clubs: The Lime Starts Here, Get Your Lem-on and Age Of Aquarius. *phew* And ht2b included a cute little angel keyring with my order. ^_^ Now to quick update my collection page, start dinner and throw on my face. It's been a busy two days with another two coming. Hope everybody's doing alright out there. Blogger wouldn't load my reading list so I have no idea what's going on!!! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, December 22, 2013

China Glaze: Deviantly Daring

Dudes! My pictures do not do this polish justice at all. *pouts* Thank goodness for digital cameras with built in video recorders. hehehehe Two coats of Deviantly Daring... mostly. Two of my fingers got hair marks and of course they were on my swatch hand. One additional coat smoothed them out without any wonkiness.

Deviantly Daring is like this electric peacock teal mostly with some purple at the sharp angles. You'll see that in the video.

I loved it so much I had to give it a kiss.

Cheeky plate CH29 and A England Perceval.

*MWAH* This will come in handy once Valentine's Day arrives. ^_^ Video!!

So gorgeous. Like it's trying to seduce my eyeballs.

Tomorrow starts the family holiday madness for us. Since my hair's all boring (everybody gets a kick out of it being unusual colors) I'm going to wear Holly and see if I have some holiday appropriate stamping plates. Hope everyone has had a terrific weekend. If you don't see me tomorrow, it's because I've been sucked into the Christmas Insanity Void. Yep. That's a thing. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

China Glaze: There's Snow One Like You

OMG! First off a very Happy Birthday to my dad who turns 60 today. Love you, daddy! A very Happy Solstice/Merry Yule to those who celebrate. It's been raining all day so it doesn't quite feel like the first day of winter, but that's okay! Because it snowed on my nails. ;)

I had read that There's Snow One Like You on it's own is pretty sheer and can take up to four coats for opacity. So I layered this over one thin coat of French White Creme. The first coat of TSOLY over the regular white was opaque enough, but I added a second coat for a little more texture. Which, to me, looks just like that fake snow you spray out of a can? Only better because it's got these small, white hex glitters that glint like real snow.

Even though it looks a lot more textured, the texture feel on this is just a smidge rougher than regular cream-based texture polishes, but I slept just fine with it on and it doesn't tangle in my hair or anything. I can look a bit messier than regular texture polishes, but this is minimized with careful application of thin coats. That way you can make sure the bigger glitter pieces are laying flat. Clean up was super easy. Oh! It did take a bit longer to dry than normal textures, but that could have been due in part to the white base underneath. I tend to have problems with that on it's own.

Since TSOLY doesn't have a problem texturizing when layered, I decided to turn my accent nail into a little winter scene. I pulled this little snowman image off of Cheeky plate CH6, stamped with the French White Creme.

For Audrey for the background and a little There's Snow One Like You snowbank on the tip.

Ta-da! Cute. lol See? It's versatile. I've heard it can be more difficult to remove because of the white glitters. I'll update on that tomorrow when I post up Deviantly Daring! Another lovely Christmas prezzie and supposedly one of the "most disappointing" of the Bohemian Luster Chrome collection. I'm doubtful. In the bottle I see green, blue and purple. Very mermaid-like. Hope everyone is enjoying this one final weekend before Christmas! Insanity is upon us. Protect yourselves. (^_^)"/"

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cheeky Stamping!

So few things quite as enticing as a new set of stamping plates. ^_^ I couldn't wait to get started. First step: Pick the plate! I decided to try out Cheeky plate CH1.

I was going to use the splotchy looking design on the left, but it wasn't quite giving me the design-coverage that I wanted, so I switched to the kinda rounded giraffe looking one. Anybody know what that is? Just spots? I don't know.

Step 2: Pick the polish! I wanted to use Worth The Risque, but it just dried way too fast! I still wanted some holo sparkle in the stamping so I tried Beyond and that worked perfectly. You may still be able to see remnants of the failed WTR attempts.

Of course the sun decided to hide from me. Fortunately, cameras come with flash bulbs. ;)

Sparkle!! hehehe And a little matte topcoat so you can actually see the design.

One thing that really really impressed me is how big the full-nail designs are. If my nails were a little shorter (which I'm sure they will be soon enough) or I was a little more careful with the placement (practice, practice, practice!) it would actually cover the whole nail!! Cheeky! Who knew?!

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice! Can't wait to see how There's Snow One Like You looks in person. 'Til then I think I'm going to go and play Fallout or something. Take my mind off the current insanity. Y'all take care and have a great (and safe) weekend! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sephora by OPI: To The Glitter End!

Hey everybody!! Hope everyone is well. So far I've managed to avoid being sick. *fingers crossed*

To The Glitter End! is one of the polishes I picked up from Big Lots. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. In the bottle it looks like silver glitter in a black base. Awkward? Fortunately it's nothing more than a clear base jam-packed with medium(ish?) hex shaped dark grey glitter.

It flashes silver when the light hits it and looks nearly black when it doesn't. The base is a little thick (perfect for grabbing up tons of glitters), but I didn't get any bubbling but I did get a smudge on my pinky from it trying to melt As Long As You Love Me.

I'm not totally in love with it, but I'm far less disappointed than I expected. lol

I did get an early Christmas/Yule present from a very special friend that I am absolutely loving!!

CHEEKY PLATES!!! ^_^ OMG! Yeah, I already pulled the protective cover off of the one I'm using for tomorrow. hehehehe Waiting waiting waiting for bornprettystore to get their paypal back up and running. Got a few things in my cart I can't wait to share! Also waiting for a swagbucks cashout to go through so I can get my paws on the China Glace Crinkled Chrome collection! @_@ Brak's in town for a couple of weeks so with a little bit of luck I can strongarm her into going with me to IKEA when we both have the time. Storage is becoming a serious issue... Only going to get worse next month when gin shivers and I have another swap. OMG! Can't wait.

Hang in there guys! Just one more week and it will all be over. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Essence: As Long As You Love Me

Ha-HA! Didn't misplace the bottle today. ;) I think As Long As You Love Me has to be one of the quickest drying essences yet. Application was super easy, hardly had any clean up to do. The only downside is I really think I need to do a comparison of all of my grays... lol

As Long As You Love Me is a nice medium gray with white-silver shimmer. Indoors it looks a little mushroomy. Looks like it maybe could have used a third coat, but that's not as noticeable in real life.

There's the shimmer. lol

And here's Saleen. Aaron set her up with a pillow on the chair outside of our door so she gets love all the time when we go in and out. She's been much calmer lately.

Such a sweet kitty. Heading out to grab dinner. Hope everyone has a great week! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Zoya: Crystal

Wow... second day in a row I've misplaced the polish I'm about to discuss... *looks around*.... *facepalm* Left it outside. That's embarrassing. This day... omg this day. Had my nails all painted pretty and then I had to break into the xbox again to reset the laser. Needless to say (I'm gonna say it anyway) I had to repaint my nails when we got home. Kind of a shame. I was actually going to wear this polish tomorrow, too.

Three coats of Crystal. Two may have sufficed, but Crystal is one of those pulverized glitter polishes (in this case blue and gold) that can look muddy and sheer from certain angles. So I went with three. I'm going to go ahead and recommend a quick drying topcoat. I just jabbed my thumb into one of the nails I did this morning and it went right through the polish. Here's a close-up in the shade.

Yeah, this one was really difficult to photograph. Sorry. :( It is much prettier in person than I expected. Especially with a matte topcoat.

Normal (no topcoat) on the left, matte on the right. The matte topcoat really tones down the sparkle so you can see what's going on with the glitter bits.

I think tomorrow I'm going to finish off the Beauty Beats collection with As Long As You Love Me then use that as a base for To The Glitter End!. Then something else and then it will finally be the first day of Winter (also my dad's birthday) for which I plan on wearing There's Snow One Like You to mark the occasion! We're not likely to get snow, but it'll be a nice way to celebrate the change in seasons. In the meantime I think I'll sit and fill up my h2tb shopping cart in anticipation of a $50 cashout I'm waiting on. I'm getting the whole China Glaze Crinkled Chrome collection, may as well pick up a few other goodies with the leftover cash. hehehehe Hope everyone's having a great week! See ya tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Monday, December 16, 2013

Essence: Baby, Baby, Ooh!

Just a quick post today. We were out most of the day chasing people down and running errands and I am exhausted.

Two super smooth, quick drying coats of Baby, Baby, Ooh!.

Basic purple with pink and blue shimmers. Lovely and super easy to work with.

The other night Norma informed me that Big Lots was going to be (and currently is) selling off old Sephora by OPI stock. I was pretty stoked because "omg Sephora polish for $1.80", but then I finally tracked down a Big Lots that had them stocked and soon remembered why I only ended up ordering the two crackles off the website.

Probably also why they were offloaded to Big Lots. lol I did manage to find three I liked: Happy Earth Day To Me, It's Totally Karma and To The Glitter End. I could have just done with It's Totally Karma, but we drove so far and the line was so long... I had to grab more to make it worth it.

Still going to wear Crystal tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Essence: I'm Backstage (+Glitter Bits)

I wasn't sure what to call this. lol You'll get it when you see it, though. First up, a very necessary three coats of I'm Backstage.

The formula on this one was really thin, I almost went for four coats. It dried really quickly, though, so at least that wasn't a problem. Also, perhaps being thinner helped the shimmer stand out?

Ta-da! Yep, we got some sunshine today. In an attempt to make the most of it I decided to try out this half glitter technique that I've seen around.

I started with a light coat of Ice Dream halfway down the nail and then just a little bit more right up at the cuticle. Topped it off with a layer of topcoat to smooth everything out. Maybe it's the colors, but I think I like this better when other people do it...

*shrugs* I think tomorrow I'll try Baby, Baby, Ooh! and then Tuesday I'll wear Crystal since Cristy wants to see that one. Now I'm going to go take a shower so my mom can cut my hair before I dye it. Brown. *sigh* Hope everyone's having a great weekend! (^_^)"/"