Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zoya: Jules, NYC: Wall Street & NYC: Manhattan

*snuggles* Is anybody else absolutely freezing? I wanna do my toes, but I'm afraid to take my socks off! :p I haz toe socks. With frogs on them. hehehehe It's been a very long, very cold day so far, but I still have three WTF polishes for you this Wednesday. :D

Starting off with Zoya Jules. I picked up Jules for $4 on clearance at Ulta. I like the color, otherwise I wouldn't have grabbed it. Even for $4. Just... I kept waiting for myself to be in the mood for nude (HA!) and it just never came. So here it is, finally.

Jules is kind of a nude with kind of a gold shimmer. I didn't expect to hate it, and I don't. I also didn't expect it to be a three-coater, but it was. Hrm.

If you follow along at all, these next two are fairly self-explanatory WTFs. Both NYC. Both in the "red" range. Meh... I had to get them swatched. They were taunting me. I kind of go out of my way to not pick up more NYCs because the formula is always kind of underwhelming (and last I heard they do animal testing) so hopefully this brand can stay off my "to do" list for a while. First up: Wall Street

I remember picking this up. I thought to myself "I want a basic pretty pink". I don't know why. I was totally disappointed at the super sheerness of Wall Street and in my box it went. Layered over Jules it only needed two coats to look presentable, but on it's own I think I got up to four.

Woah! LOL Ok, the second NYC I got with a BOGO(free) coupon from my mother-in-law back in April. There's not a terrific selection of "New York Minute" polishes so I just grabbed two I didn't have. Lexington Yellow and this one! Manhattan

Manhattan is actually a really lovely, deep purple plum color. Buuuuuuut.... yes, but. It's so super pigmented you want to be a lot more careful applying it than I was. :p I don't like having naked nail around the outside of my polish so when cleanup ends up messier than the mess I get a bit iritated. Also, my batteries are dead-dead so no close-up. Sorry! Sorry. I know, it breaks your heart, right?

I did manage to get pictures of the wicked awesome prezzie my ultra-bestie picked up when I missed Austin Day. (*sad*)

*SQUEE!* Hello Kitty Hamburger. But wait! "Unzip it" "There's more?!" "Yeah" hehehehehe

What?! :D *nom~nom~nom* "she doesn't have a mouth, though" "she eats by osmosis?" LOL I am a bit jealous of her daughter since she got a Furby, but that's ok. I LURVES my Kitty-burger. It's sitting up by my Kitty nightlight/alarm clock. In burger form. It tickles me. After renewing my car's registration sticker I have more leftover than I thought so I may be swinging by Target to see if they still have the Kitty hair dryers on sale. ;) Just to be clear, Hello Kitty herself is only my third favorite Sanrio character. Surpassed by Keroppi (#1) and My Melody (#2); but they don't have near the merchandise that Kitty herself does. I also like Pekkle. And Cinnamoroll. And Purin.... yeah.... total Sanrio junkie.

*ahem* I'm sleepy. :p I did do quite well today. Went by Sally's to check out their sales and didn't buy anything. No polishes really struck me and even though they had a really sweet deal on dye I couldn't decide on a color so I skipped it. There was a shoe place on the way to the registration place with all shoes $10.... skipped it. *shrugs* I did order myself a few talismans from AzureGreen with some internet monies.

Anyway, Happy Kwanzaa! Hope everyone has a great day, great week, great end to the year. Have fun, stay safe and I'll see you tomorrow!

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