Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wet n Wild: Rain Check & Sinful Colors: Faceted

"Hey, you didn't blog yesterday!" No, friends, I did not. I spent the whole day vegging in front of the xbox and then spent the evening with my bestest friend and we talked and laughed and it felt so good. I definitely needed that. I'm back now with two more polishes for you, so M-whatever Monday should resume next week.

First up for you I have Wet N Wild Rain Check.

I've had this polish for a while... LOL It was a tad more sheer than I remembered. This is two coats, but it did dry fairly quickly.

Kind of a weird grey-purple frosty-shimmer? Pretty. It is pretty. Probably would be prettier if it were more opaque, but I didn't want to sit here all morning painting and waiting. I've got stuff to do! Quick fix? Glitter, of course.

Sinful Colors Faceted is a relatively new release. I admit, I only got it to even out a 2 for $3 purchase.

Clear base, teeny blue glitter and iridescent bar glitters. Yeah, I put glitter over a shimmer again... I'm awful. Thankfully my magic shadow came to the rescue. ;)

There we are. That's more what it looks like in real life. At the computer, at least. :p It is a bit more 'wintery' than I would like, but I guess I'll live. Hope everyone's having a great week; and if you happen to celebrate it: A Happy Hanukkah!!


  1. Ah, the magic shadow makes another appearance! The layering does look lovely in it, well done shadow :p

    1. LOL! It really does seem to make all the difference. My shadow thanks you. ;)


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